Super Nintendo World opens in Japan Spring 2020, will include Super Mario Kart and Yoshi rides, park wristband will interact with Switch

Major details on the park launch

Universal Parks & Resorts chairman and CEO Tom Williams has revealed some new details about the upcoming Super Nintendo World attractions at Universal Studios. Its been quite some time since we've gotten anything official, and today's tidbits are pretty interesting. Check out a summary of the info below.

- set to open in Japan Spring 2020
- will be a completely separate area of the park with its own food and merch
- the first phase will have two rides, Super Mario Kart Ride and Yoshi’s Adventures
- the whole pack is interactive
- park-goers will have a wristband that’s got a big red Mario symbol on it
- the wristband is all magnetic, so you slap it at your wrist and it snaps on and it won’t come off
- the wristband allows you to have an interactive experience in the park
- the park is built on three different levels
- the park will feature Bowser elements and Princess Peach’s Castle
- play with various games and keep score through the wristband
- the wristbands will have Switch connectivity to transfer data

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Love the park and the ideas around it. But why is that Mario art so unsettling? :O

Maybe the pole he's swinging on?

It's something about his eyes... kinda creepy

That is what Mario looks like. The thing is that the CGI is slightly downgraded compared to his games.

It took me awhile but I figured it out! It's the lack of white in his eyes. Check art for Mario games and more than half of his eyes is just white. But in this freak of nature art it's minimal. Super creepy!

Nice catch! That's truly nightmarish.

Thanks, mate. I just hope I can eventually remove this image from my brain. Therapy, here we come...

Still....its just downgraded CGI...

I'd recommend checking the definition of downgrading... but whatever floats your boat, mate.

Fri Sep 13 19 04:08pm
Rating: 1

So what you're saying is he looks high as a k... flag...

Tue Sep 17 19 11:41am
Rating: 1

I think it's also that the shading makes his eyes look to be about an inch inside his skull

On actual human beings, that's not too strange, but Mario is a cartoony game character, and it'd look better if his eyes were more in line with the rest of his skull. Compare it to something like this:

He looks like he's made out of plastic, like the old N64 art.

Time to save my money! I’m going! Not in Japan sadly but either in Orlando or in Hollywood!

No way this opens on schedule.

i hope this atractions come to Orlando when Super Nintendo World open in Orlando,USA so when i visit Orlando with my family i can go in this theme park, when it open in Orlando.

I cant wait to go to Super Nintendo World. Man I cant wait for the Donkey Kong portion of the park to open (Probably not until 2022-2023).

I just hope and pray they have more than just DK and Diddy in the park. I need to see Dixie, Funky, Cranky, and K.Rool somewhere in the park as well.

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