Dragon Quest I/II/III official Japanese site open

Square-Enix has opened the official Japanese website for Dragon Quest I/II/III, which gives a quick look at each game. Remember, there's going to be an Asian physical release for these titles, and it includes English translations! Check out the official site here.


I hope it's only a matter of time before we get them in other regions

I dont expect it in the west at all.

Considering it's available for smart devices outside Japan. They can easily release them later. Considering how happy they were to pour Final Fantasy after Final Fantasy on the Switch, I believe it's a matter of time for Dragon Quest to get the same treatment. If in the next two to three years we get DQ 1 through 8 and FF 1 through 6, I'd be over the Moon.

Considering they didn't release it in the US on the 3DS, I don't count on it.

Sat Sep 14 19 09:23pm
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The thing is this compilation was released on the original Wii and Square never released it in the west. Even with English options, I don't think Square will bring the Switch version of this compilation west.

EDIT - Ninja'd. I was replying to Acmiguens.

The way I see it, the landscape for Dragon Quest in the West is vastly different from a few years ago. Nintendo has been making a huge push to popularize the series here. Having Hero in Smash and getting the Definitive Edition of XI on the Switch are incredible in terms of exposure for the character and the series.

The moment we believe that things won't happen because they haven't happened before is the moment life becomes dull and completely predictable.


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