Untitled Goose Game devs talk about the game's lack of name, and reveal special launch pricing

I've been through the desert on a goose with no name

Untitled Goose Game is finally coming to the Switch on Sept. 20th, 2019. With all the game's time spent in development, you'd think the game could have an official name! Developers House House have taken to Twitter to stress that the game actually doesn't have a name, and 'Untitled Goose Game' isn't the name.

Attn: we've seen a lot of people posting about the game's "official title". Please keep in mind that this game is untitled. It's an Untitled Goose Game. No title.

One more important thing to note. Those who grab the game at launch will actually be able to get it for $15 and not $20.

We've had a few questions about it, so just for the record: you cannot preorder Untitled Goose Game, you'll just have to wait til the 20th. In the meantime, please put $14.99 USD (or equivalent) inside a glass jar labelled "Goose Money".

One thing to note: the game is currently listed on the Nintendo eShop at its full price of $19.99 USD — the discounted launch price (of $14.99) will go live when the game launches, and will be discounted in all regions.

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Sat Sep 14 19 07:17pm
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Well, not so surprising after all, we’re also gonna have the Untitled Link’s Awakening Remake release on the same day.


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