Nintendo Argentina's webstore is selling select Switch eShop titles at ridiculously low prices

Huge deals on major games

Looking to get some very big-name Switch eShop titles for ridiculously low pricing? The Nintendo Argentina webstore lets you buy codes for select titles, and boy are they offering some great deals. Check out these insane prices!

- Katana Zero ($3)
- Hollow Knight ($3)
- Stardew Valley ($3)
- Celeste ($4)
- Wargroove ($4)
- Hotline Miami Collection ($5)
- Risk of Rain 2 ($8)

Want to take advantage of these offers? You can read a step-by-step rundown of what you need to do right here.

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I was waiting to get on the Brazilian eShop, but our dear neighbours have for half that, so I got Katana Zero and Celeste :D

Sun Sep 15 19 04:23pm
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Now that site is whining that you posted the deal. 😂

Edit: ResetEra, to be clear.

Celeste and Hollow Knight for cheap as chips?

I got 175 points back, too.

Not looking forward to getting the inevitable call from my bank though...

Just curious, why would the bank contact you over this?

My bank is hella protective of my card. I got called over penny transactions when humble bundle still let you do that, called over sub-$1 transactions on the eshop, and even had it locked when I went south for vacation, once.

Not that I don't appreciate it, I just wish they'd be less concerned with it unless there were bank-emptying withdrawals taking place afterwards...

Sun Sep 15 19 05:36pm
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Well it might has to do with...the Argentinian Peso losing half its value last month - Nintendo can't react to super-inflation that quickly.

I don't believe that is the case. The full priced games, such as Zelda BotW, are actually pretty close to what you'd expect, and similar to the eShop prices in Brazil where no such rapid inflation is taking place. This is impacting only a portion of the Indies, not even all of them.

If it's anything like Steam, publishers set the prices in each region for their own games. So when a country's currency loses so much of its value so fast, like the Argentine peso did recently, some publishers might update their prices accordingly but others might not. On Steam this very same thing happened, I got This War Of Mine for 1 dollar at one point due to this. Soon the world caught wind and started abusing this, by switching their steam currency to the Argentine peso. Because of this, Steam has stopped processing orders in ARS altogether.

I imagine this is a similar scenario.

That's plausible. But even with the current drop in value for the Argentinian Peso, the games were already extremely cheap.
When most of the Indies listed were released on the Argentinian eShop (not the original release elsewhere), 1 Argentinian Peso was valued at about 0.09 Reais. Now it's valued at about 0.072 Reais. As you can see it is not a drop that would cause the games to be half the price that it is in Reais.

Mon Sep 16 19 02:10pm
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Wow! Thanks for this tip. I was able to get Hotline, Cuphead, and My Friend Pedro for $25.58. Retail would have been $64.97


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