Hinomaruko - TGS 2019 teaser trailer

Here is the set-up provided in the trailer, translated by Gematsu...

2039 A.D.

The lifeline of the Empire of Japan was likely to collapse.

The country was devastated by the repeated defeat and frequent battles in the Great East Asian War, which spanned over 100 years.

Now, most of the country is occupied by enemy nations, and American and Soviet Union military forces are approaching the Imperial Capital, Tokyo.

It was clear to everyone that the country’s downfall was just a matter of time.

Until today…

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Is this some sort of alternate history game, considering according to that translation, there was a "Great East Asian War" that had gone on since 1939, and the US and Soviet Union are trying to take over Japan for an unknown reason.

Man, this is some high-grade Japanese nationalist propaganda here.


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