UFC fighter Kevin Lee makes the poor decision to play Smash Bros. Ultimate while putting his Tesla on autopilot


I know Tesla cars have the option of autopilot, and they can do a lot of highway driving on their own. That said, I think the above is still incredibly dangerous, and shouldn't be done by anyone. Unfortunately, UFC fighter Kevin Lee decided to record himself engaging in this incredibly reckless act, all to get a bit more attention on social media.

Well its certainly gotten our attention, and we're using it as an opportunity to tell people to drive safely, and make sure you focus on the road, even when you have a car with autopilot.


I mean personally I can't wait for the future where we can legally do this. Would make commutes a lot more tolerable.

Me too. I hate driving and I'd love to spend all that wasted time doing something fun.

I want to be mad at this so badly, but part of me is saying “this is exactly what I need.”

Yeah mostly I'm just jealous

What a freaking tool. Get him off the road.

Stupid is as stupid does. He deserves to have his insurance jacked sky high.

aw yea i cant wait to beat marth on the interstate only to have a wrong way semi come out of nowhere and be unable to avoid it as I am on autopilot

Mon Sep 16 19 06:35pm
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Someone is gonna say "That's what auto pilot is for!"
No. Autopilot isn't perfect and is there as an assist. You snooze you die and there's no one to blame but yourself


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