The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening street date broken

Another street date bites the dust

I'm starting to think a bunch of retailers got together and formed a pact about breaking Nintendo street dates recently. First it was the Switch Lite, and then multiple amiibo, and now The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Retailers the world over have broken the date, including small stores in Chile, and Walmart here in the states. If you want to snatch up the game a few days early, you might as well try your luck!


Good thing it's not a game people can be spoiled on.

I’ve never played it. 😅

More accurately, a game that there won't be any new spoilers for.

I just hope Nintendo is paying attention to what places are violating their trust.

Tue Sep 17 19 09:35am
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Why? Let them be.. you just mad you can't get it early

I'm furious with anger. You a butthead. I'm more concerned with fairness. Plus why would I care if I get it sooner, I already have a million games to play. You assume too much.

Tue Sep 17 19 11:16am
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Fair? Are we still talking about video games?
I'm actually happy that some got their fix early.. but you have to not be selfish to understand

Well, I’m from Chile and I can tell you, sept 20 is Holliday here because of Independence Day. That’s why they are selling it sooner than 20 September, they would lose sales against the mall commerce (because malls work the 20th and small stores do not). Also viva Chile ctm

Got mine this morning, UK resident. Ooof, cant wait to get home from work :D

Tue Sep 17 19 11:53am
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Meanwhile the game is already sitting pre-loaded on my Switch and I can't start it up because nintendo has to update it with the key to play -___-.

1st world problems. Thats why I wont do digital Sad

Tue Sep 17 19 04:27pm
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Ughh yeah I know it's 1st world problems but hey at least it's not like I don't have things to do until then :P

I'll only care if someone sells the Limited Edition early. ;)


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