E3 2020 pitch proposes that the expo "turn into a Gamescom-like festival"

The ESA is currently structuring their plans for E3 2020 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Although E3 is a large trade show by many accounts, events such as Gamescom have nearly 5x the amount of attendees as E3. As such, the ESA has decided that E3 2020 should feel more similar to Gamescom and that it will instead have eight "experience hubs." The image below showcases their current floor plan:

The ESA has also gone on record stating E3 2020 will cater more to consumers, and while media members will still have their own "media day," the goal of E3 2020 is to feel less like a trade show and more like a festival. The ESA feels that social media influencers in the millenial / Gen Z demographic are the most "social good" for their events, and they hope to utilize their influence to better their industry. 

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Wow they figured it out 3 years too late

Tue Sep 17 19 12:38pm
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As long as I get my game info. I wont watch the fluff. I just want game trailers and a presentation of some sort from the companies. Dont give a damn about promoters

I think this is where I stand, too.

I've been to E3 a couple of times, and while it was fun, I'm comfortable never going back because the meat of E3 is game announcements, trailers, and footage, and you can experience that all from home. It's actually more convenient, too. The industry just needs a day where all the biggest announcements happen and people can get excited--the expensive show floors are irrelevant.

Whether or not the announcements would happen without the actual industry gathering is the big question, though.

Well we know Nintendo will. They always have a good presentation with or without E3. Even though I dont play PC or Xbox, I like seeing the Microsoft show. Playstation usually had a good show and then all the developers with their games were basically the only reason I heard about so many games.

If I have to dig through fluff to get all that, or figure out 20 different youtube channels to watch 20 different developers show off games, I'm gonna be frustrated and not buy as many games because I wont know about them.

Wow, really? I used to go to gamescom (and Games Convention) and stopped because all that party and festival atmosphere annoyed the hell out of me. I always was envious of E3, which appeared much more calm, organized and professional to me.

For me, E3 is just another Nintendo Direct and the Treehouse presentations. If they had Treehouse segments around the year near other Directs, that would be great.

I'm fine with them rethinking the format of E3, but when they say they want to center it around influencers, I just have to worry. Influencers are the worst part of recent E3s, I really don't see how more of them will help.

We'll see next June, I suppose.


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