Yoko Taro says “Please ask Square Enix!” when asked about Switch port of Nier: Automata

Director of Nier: Automata, Yoko Taro, sits down in a recent interview with Bunnygaming to answer a variety of questions. One of these questions, is about the much desired Switch port of the Square Enix published title.

When asked about the possibility of Nier Automata being released on Switch, Yoko Taro stated:

"*While laughing* You already know the answer, it’s – “Please ask Square Enix!”"

Check out the full interview here!

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Square keeps porting everything BUT the stuff I care about. Like the Tomb Raider games and Neir Automata. Also Kingdom Hearts would be nice just so I can see what all the hub-bub is about..

mr life
Wed Sep 18 19 12:52pm
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Honestly I'm hoping that Yoko Taro will make a original game for the Switch but a Nier Automata port is good as well

Wed Sep 18 19 01:35pm
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They should give him the Chibi Robo or Captain Rainbow IP.

Insanity upon insanity.

Or Pikmin 4. Now every Pikmin can get a tragic Yoko Taro backstory(TM) before you send them off to getting cruelly eaten.

His take on Pocket Camp was also interesting:

“Let’s take, for example, what the ‘monsters’ eat. The rabbit seems to be of the normal herbivorous variety, but can be seen, in this game, grilling and eating fish. Also, in this game, pigs and cows enjoy barbecue (but you can’t see what they’re grilling). What is going on in this ecosystem? When you run out of things to eat, do you resort to cannibalism? Is there so much difference in the intelligence of birds and fish? If you walk on two legs and talk, does that mean you won’t be hunted? Is the value of your life determined by your intelligence? There are so many interesting themes hidden in this game.”

There's actually sonething called Bunnygaming?

Anyway. It would ve nice to have it on Switch IF they can make a good port. My PS4Pro can get tired of that game at times. It's a beautiful game in so many ways.

Oh and 2B for Smash.

One of my most wanted Switch ports (alongside Bioshock and Mass Effect trilogies). Playing through it at launch I wrote it off as being impossible to bring over but seeing some of the games that have made it over in the last few years makes me believe that they could make it work.

Wed Sep 18 19 03:50pm
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Bioshock and GTA5 shoulf be no brainers.


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