New footage for Circuit Superstars released, alongside a gameplay FAQ

All you could want to know about the upcoming racer

Along with the new gameplay above, Square-Enix has also shared a lengthy FAQ on what the game has to offer. Check out those details below.

What is Circuit Superstars?

Circuit Superstars is a top-down racing game with stylized visuals for PC and consoles.

It combines arcade-style racing with more realistic tactile driving physics, and brings together a whole range of racing styles and eras of motorsport - from 60s-inspired single-seaters to modern GTs.

When is it launching?

We haven’t announced the release date yet, but we can confirm that it is coming in 2020. Rest assured - we’ll make some noise when the date is revealed!

When will you have a public hands-on?

This will happen closer to launch, so make sure you follow @CircuitSUP on Twitter to stay up to date with all news regarding events, announcements and hands-on opportunities.

Does this game have online multiplayer?

Yes! It will support both online (up to 12 players) and local (up to 4 player split screen) multiplayer.

Is this a management sim game?

It is not. You’ll race in a solo league mode and multiplayer modes.

How many tracks will the game feature?

Circuit Superstars will feature 12 tracks at launch and we’ll continue to add more shortly after launch…and beyond!

Can you create a team?

You will be able to customie your vehicle with different colours (primary, secondary and tertiary) and decals, then in turn your ‘team’ (driver and pit crew) will also adapt this colour theme. In that way, you create your own racing brand.

Can you rename your driver?

Your driver name will be your Steam, Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch profile name.

Will there be a track editor?

We would love for the community to be able to edit tracks using our assets. Right now though, we are focused on making a polished and enjoyable game so unfortunately this isn’t an option for the time being.

How many cars will the game have?

We’re looking to add 1-3 cars per category, and there will be 12 categories at launch. We’ll announce all the different cars in the future!

Will there be a competitive mode, like ranks or ranked based seasoned leagues?

Circuit Superstars will feature casual and seasonal ranked online multiplayer. We’ll share more details on the structure of seasonal ranked in the future!

Are you adding power-ups into the game?

We are not.

Circuit Superstars is about precision and handling. We wanted to bring an element of real-world motorsport within the game and because of this we’re focusing on our different car category handling models.

However, we will have different types of track (dirt, tarmac and snow) as well as ramps and some other fun things!

Will it release on all platforms at the same time?

Yes! Circuit Superstars will launch on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam on the same day.

Will it be cross-play?

We would love for the game to be cross-play; however, we continue to investigate if this is possible.

Will there be leaderboards?

You’ll be able to see your friends’ best times for the tracks you’re racing in. The game will also prompt you during a race and tell you who’s beating your best lap time so you can try and beat their lap time there and then.

At the end of a race, players will be able to see a race leaderboard summarizing everyone’s best lap times.

The game will also feature global best lap time leaderboards to help players set challenging goals for themselves.

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Doesn't confirm whether or not there's motion steering. (Since there's no mention of it, I'm guessing not.)


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