Double Dragon's Marian gets a major makeover in River City Girls

Damsel in distress no more

River City Girls is all about putting the woman front-and-center, and making them badass, instead of once again being fodder for the big bad guys. That even goes for some of the supplemental characters, including a cameo you might not have noticed your first time through.

The girl in the artwork above is Marian, who comes from the Double Dragon series. There are some notable Double Dragon cameos in River City Girls, but Marian's might be the best. Fans of Double Dragon know that Marian has, time and time again, been kidnapped by henchmen and held hostage. In the artwork above, you can see Marian has gotten a major makeover. Rem, the artist behind Marian's redesign, took to Twitter to discuss the changes.

“It seemed like her whole character was just ‘gets punched in the stomach and kidnapped. Needless to say, Marian’s not taking that shit any more.”

Looks like Marian is more than ready for a starring role in the next Double Dragon game. Perhaps she can save Billy and Jimmy this time!


I honestly didn't even recognize it as her due to the different hair color. I still love the nods in this game though and I wish you could play as the DD Trio

Maybe you can. Wayforward has said there is a good reason to play the game through a second time. I had assumed you could play as Kunio and Ricky, but who knows? Maybe it's Billy and Jimmy.

That is a point, I’m close to the end but not at the end. I’d assume Kunio/Riki are the characters since there’s official artwork of them in a similar pose to the main duo, but that’s just a guess

1000% approve this redesign, holy smokes.

Wed Sep 18 19 09:17pm
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She’s like “try punching me in the gut now”. The thugs would break their hands on those abs.

Wed Sep 18 19 11:22pm
Rating: 1

Ok...this has been bothering me for a while now...who is the artist at wayforward?

Like how are they getting anime type art that is not generic?

Is there any official explanation as to how she got this way? I mean, that's definitely a change for the better if you ask me, but it doesn't feel right to have a character have a totally different personality without a reason for it.

Ever since Double Dragon 3, Marian has been an instructor at the Bimmy & Jimmy's dojo. In Super Double Dragon, Marian was not only a martial arts instructor at the dojo, but she was also part of the police force.


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