Super Mario Odyssey sells 2 million physical copies in Japan alone

Congrats to Mario and Cappy!

Nintendo has yet another reason to celebrate the Switch's success. As of this week's Famitsu data, we can see that Super Mario Odyssey managed to sell 2 million units in Japan alone, and that's just the physical copies! That makes Super Mario Odyssey the 4th game to hit the 2 million mark in Japan, following Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Splatoon 2.


This game really was unadulterated fun, and there was so much variety to keep it interesting. I really expect that we'll get a sequel soon! My main hope for that would be more memorable music.

My main hope is that Moons would be more meaningful. maybe have 120 Main ones and the smaller stuff be another collectable.

The game has memorable music. What are you talking about?

In a lot of kingdoms, rather than using strong melodies like other Mario games, instead Kondo opted for music representative of the cultures the area is based off (eg. the slow French-style music in Bubblaine).While this is incredibly effective in establishing the atmosphere of the area, sometimes it doesn't compliment the bombastic platforming of the game as well. There are definitely some great memorable ones that do this well, but it's when you get towards the end of the game with Bowser's Kingdom and the moon that using strong melodies to build up to the finale and reflect on the journey would have really been effective.

Still don't get what you're saying here. Music is subjective. Even the Super Mario Galaxy ones don't have memorable music related to platforming.

Infact, Super Mario games generally don't have memorable music a lot of the times. When they do have them, its mostly few and far between.

SMO imo has tracks that are very memorable. Not because of how well its composed, but because of how the music plays based on what level you're on. This is what Sonic games are good at as they have specific songs that match the level design that is why the songs are memorable.

This game deserves every copy it can sell.

I do hope that Nintendo makes a sequel where they put Luigi as a playable character.


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