Pokemon Co. opens 'Dynamax Camera' website that adds Dynamax Pokemon to your pictures

Dynamax Pokemon brought to life

In a unique promotion for Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Co. has opened up a Dynamax Camera website in Japan. This website will let you upload a picture, and then add in a Dynamax Pokemon to it, just like you see in the example above. While the site is in Japan, it's still easy to navigate no matter what language you speak. Visit the site here, point your mobile phone's camera at the QR code, upload a picture, and that's about it!


Note that this also confirms Sableye, the Karrablast line, the Honedge line, and the Cutiefly line for Galar.

Honedge being in here now debunks the not-so-serious theory that they wouldn't be there because Solrock and Lunatone aren't in Alola. The Karrablast line's presence, meanwhile, implies the Shelmet line would be there too, as Karrablast can't evolve otherwise (unless they change the method of evolution, but I highly doubt it).


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