Game Informer Replay - The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Join us for a look back at the often maligned Zelda title that Game Informer gave a 10!


I noticed alot of game critics gave Skyward Sword perfect scores. The game isn't terrible but I feel it's pretty weak for Zeldas standards

Sat Sep 21 19 10:07am
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Believe it or not i played only the introduction level of Skyward. By the time this boring section ended i had already lost interest and moved on . Btw this happened only with this game of the series.

It had some of the most interesting dungeons and bosses of the whole series, but unfortuantly the game was far too linear and hold handing.

I have always had a soft spot towards Skyward Sword even though it’s far from my favorite Zelda game.

It's far from my favorite one in the franchise, but it's the only one I felt a sense of urgency in saving the princess. I actually cared about Zelda in this one


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