The price to repair Switch Lite Joy-Con issues is double the price of regular Joy-Con fixes in Japan

The cost of fun

If you have a problem with your Joy-Con on the Switch Lite and you live in Japan, getting things fixed up is going to be a bit more pricey than it is with the regular Switch. Nintendo will indeed fix Joy-Con issues for owners, which is priced at 2,160 per regular Joy-Con in Japan. When it comes to Joy-Con issues with the Switch Lite, the priced is set at 4,860 yen. That seems to be the price for just one Joy-Con, so that makes the endeavor twice as pricey.

If your Joy-Con is out of warranty in Japan and you experience issues such as non-responsive buttons or Joy-Con drift, Nintendo is able to fix these issues for 2160 yen (inclusive 8% sales tax). The fee applies to a single Joy-Con, so if both of your Joy-Con experience Joy-Con drift, you have to fork out 4320 yen.

As for the Nintendo Switch Lite, the repair fees for the same issues listed above is 4860 yen (inclusive 8% sales tax). That would mean to fix a single analog stick’s drift on the Nintendo Switch Lite, you have to pay more than double of that for the same issue on a single Joy-Con.

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Wait Nintendo is charging for Japan repairs? Yikes...

Don't you think that's stretching it? I mean the taxes in Japan are up and all and so they would have to do something about that.

Well Nintendo is offering free joycon drift repairs here, which is somewhat of an admission of guilt over a faulty design. As well as they should at this point. I see no reason why anybody in Japan or elsewhere should have to pay for those same repairs.

idk..maybe Japanese gamers don't play that abusively. Also, the controllers are now built with the system so they can't make it free if anything else gets damaged alongside the system...

Well first off this really has nothing to do with playing "abusively", I take really good care of my stuff and I play normally with my controllers (not too soft and certainly not abusively) and I've had to send my joycon for repair twice. The first time I've ever had to repair a controller!

Second, I was only talking about drift issues so if anything else is broken as a result of user abuse then I have no issue with Nintendo charging for repairs (outside warranty period).


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