Switch Lite has the same analog sticks as the standard Joy-Con

Not the news we wanted to hear

Those who have been considering the purchase of a Switch Lite have had one major question on their mind. Is the Switch Lite going to suffering from the same Joy-Con drift issues that the standard Joy-Con were hit with? Sending in a Joy-Con to Nintendo is one thing, but when it comes to Switch Lite, your whole unit will have to be shipped off. While only time will tell if things have been patched up, we now know that what's tucked away inside the Switch Lite seems exactly the same as a standard Joy-Con.

Multiple tear-down videos have come out, which has lead to findings of the Switch Lite analog stick being the same as that in a standard Joy-Con. The part number on the stick is different from the regular Joy-Con, but it seems that's the only difference here. Unfortunately, we won't know for sure if there's a fix or if things will fall apart again until people have put in some time with the platform.

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oh no Switch Lite can suffer Joy-con drift just like the original Switch

Is anybody actually surprised?

Just by looking at it, you can tell that its the same thing.

This worries me...I've been so unlucky with 2 sets of joy cons. Hope my lite analog stick doesnt give me any trouble.

And thats why I didnt bought the switch lite

Hmm. I hope Nintendo accounted for this despite the tear-down findings. At least now a more informed decision can be made.

Sat Sep 21 19 11:46pm
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in the video he does show it's not the same number so not the same analog stick , now is it that different enough.
I saw a tear-down of regular joycons where it showed different white plastic parts , small differences but he didn't show us in that video. I can't remember the video though
what a lousy situation indeed

Replaced those sticks myself when the left already had drift and the right started showing signs of the same thing. i didnt rebuy a whole pair of the things, as those are pretty expensive and having torn mine down i can see why, it's pretty packed tightly in there. And since I was gonna tear them down anyway i figured i should give my JoyCon a custom job with clear shells and a D-Pad on the left one. Paid 14€ for the shells and same price, shipping included, for the pair of fresh new sticks.That's 28€ vs 80€ MSRP for a pair of custom clear Joy-Con w/ D-Pad vs a plain old pair with no D-Pad.

Still unhappy that drift is a thing that exists at all of course. Just saying buying a whole new pair is unnecessary if you are the handy type who knows what they're doing with tearing down electronics. I should mention the sticks I have are third party ones. They feel and behave just the same as the originals when they were new, I had no issue installing them or callibrating them. Those had no parts numbers on them whatsoever. Maybe they're built differently and will not exhibit the same drift as the originals, though that's wishful thinking.


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