Check out pics of the N64 prototype controller

Some significant differences shown

Do you remember back when the N64 was called the Ultra 64? I'll never forget reading about the Ultra N64 and chomping at the bit to see what Nintendo was cooking up for their next system. There were rumors of what the prototype console would do, along with rumblings of a really unique controller.

Today we get our best look yet at what the N64 prototype controller looks like, thanks to Shane Battye. He's taken some amazingly detailed pics of a prototype N64 controller, and it's quite different from what we got with the final version of the controller. Check out more pics in the gallery below!

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That joystick would have been a definite improvement over the design we eventually got. But the Z button underneath looks pretty awful in the prototype.

Analog stick looks more comfortable than the final one I presume...

I came here to comment on how nice that analog stick is. It seems everyone else did, too. LOL

... still love the N64 controller, though. That thing is so great. <3

Yupp! Could even play Wave Race 64 with only one and (and beer in the other) =)

The only home console from Nintendo I still haven't gotten anew (mine was stolen back in the day).

mr life
Mon Sep 23 19 10:02am
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The analog stick looks way better than the final version.


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