Switch Lite lacks a fundamental piece of hardware that prevents it from ever connecting to a Dock

Portable only...for real

Are you hoping at some point Nintendo will release a product that lets the Switch Lite connect to a Dock for TV play? It doesn't appear that's going to be the case. YouTuber Spawnwave did a teardown of the hardware, and found why connecting the Switch Lite to a Dock is technically impossible.

“It appears that the hardware that is needed does not exist on the board, which is a semiconductor that’s required to interpret video. So unfortunately for anyone who’s wondering if that would ever be possible if it gets hacked or something down the road, it does not appear to be the case from what I’m seeing.”

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Sun Sep 22 19 04:59pm
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They weren't kidding when they said that it would not be dockable.

I mean seriously, why should it be if the whole point of it was to play it on handheld only?

Sun Sep 22 19 05:11pm
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It's distressing to so often hear the words "lacks" and "fundamental" together when Nintendo hardware is described.


What am I supposed to be seeing in abundance?

At least with the 2DS they canged the name. Ths "Switch" is not a Switch at all since it ca't switch. They should have just called it "The Nintendo Handheld" or something. Sure hope developers don't ditch HD rmble now, since that is just so great when implemented correctly.


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