Konami explains why it took so long for the Contra franchise to return

The stars aligned

Its been quite some time since we've seen the Contra franchise, but that's all set to change with Contra: Rogue Corps. That title is set to launch this week, but why on earth did it take so long for the series to return? NintendoEverything asked director Nobuya Nakazato for an explanation, which you can find below.

“It was very hard to kick off the project just because we needed to find the right kind of momentum and timing. Obviously I really wanted to make another Contra game. I’ve been really pushing – I just couldn’t find the right push, and couldn’t get approval for such a project to do it out of the blue.

Also, one of the difficult things is finding the right team to work on such a game, and even just the staff and resources we have at the time, but what really pushed forward with the project was… one of the things that was very memorable to me was working on Contra games, and I know the series well, and so I figured who else would be worthy to create the next Contra game? And that’s why I wanted to contribute all of my talent and history on the series and make it come to life.”


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Shame they ****** it up entirely it seems.

Shame they ****** it up entirely it seems.

What didn't you like when you tried it?

Personally, I thought it was pretty fun gameplay, but shallow. Not unlike early 3D games from the Gamecube/PS2 era. But it didn't feel like a Contra game at all. The overhead perspective just doesn't elicit any Contra feelings. The new characters are pretty awful. The vulgar M-rated language throughout felt unnecessary and will limit this game's audience dramatically.

Most offensive to me is the port job. Despite this clearly being a game developed years ago and only now being finished and released, performance struggles (on Switch at least) suggesting a shoddy port.

This either sounds like PR talk or that Konami is really struggling to get resources for development.

They do know that there is Wayforward that they collaborated with right?

It took so long to get going because Konami was more interested in gambling than in video games since they make more money at it. They're only starting to push back into games because gambling regulations are starting to tighten up in Japan.

The long way of saying "we don't really have any creative talent left."

"When we saw that we could half ass Bomberman and sell over a million copies, we wanted to see what other franchise we dont really care about we could do the same thing with."


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