Survey for EA's "Project Atlas" cloud gaming service asks users if they want Switch support

Heading to Switch?

EA is currently working on their Project Atlas could gaming service, and a few people have gotten in to check out how things work. Those people also get to take a survey about their experience, which also asks about where you'd like to see Project Atlas end up. In that part of the survey, the Switch is specifically mentioned as a supported platform.

I guess it's good to see EA at least considering Switch support as an option. Let's hope they're moving ahead on the idea, rather than just gauging interest.

Thanks to our anonymous source for the info.

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No, I can't say I would want that. I'm fine enough with streaming games, but streaming won't make an ass game good.

Mon Sep 23 19 05:53pm
Rating: 2

No thanks keep it for yourself EA


coming soon: Madden 2021: Switch Cloud Edition

Assuming that this means we’ll be able to get EA games dating back to the Road Rash days, I’m up for it.

I dont want anything from ea on my switch . Just still with xbox

Mon Sep 23 19 07:54pm
Rating: 1

Oh, cloud gaming? it's a pass for me then. I'd rather have no support than not owning my games and needing to be 100% online with good internet in order to play, and even then, have to deal with input lag.


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