Mario Kart Tour 'Gold Pass' announced, priced at $5 a month, unlocks 200cc and more

Mario needs a new pair of shoes

With Mario Kart Tour now live, Nintendo has decided to spring some extra microtransaction details on us. Those who want to pony of $5 a month can become a Gold Pass member in Mario Kart Tour. This pass allows you to access the following content.

- gold gifts when racing in tours
- special in-game badges from Gold Challenges
- unlock 200cc

For those who aren't sure they want to pay for the Gold Pass, there is a 2-week free trial open to all first-time players. If you have more questions about the Gold Pass in general, you can check out the FAQ here.

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Agreed, and it's Mario Run's failure and Heroes and Go's success that's led the way for this garbage, a real shame.

Is this in ADDITION to ingame currencies, loot boxes etc., or is the Gold Pass the only things purchaseable with real world money?

It's additional, unfortunately.


I just hate this model. I'm fine with download-only games, I'm fine with DLC, I'm fine with mobile games.

But I want to pay amount x ONCE and then HAVE (and keep) whatever I've purchased.

Don't forget that once Nintendo deems this game obsolete, it will be deactivated and can't ever be played offline again, no matter how much you've invested.

I completely agree with you there. I just have to trust they won't bring this into their console games...

Kirby Clash? Pokémon Quest? Pokémon Picross?

But to be fair, these games had a cap for spending money where you essentially unlocked the full game once you've hit a certain amount of money (usually around the price of a standard game). Plus, these games are playable offline, so you can theoretically keep your purchases forever.

Even that is a compromise I'm willing to accept. Just not "Games as a service".

Those are essentially designed as mobile games anyway.

I'd so much rather just pay 10 bucks and have the full game, not shittied up by this garbage. I know it didn't work for Mario Run though, so I guess the mobile audience is fine with/expects this.

Wed Sep 25 19 05:43am
Rating: 1

Disappointing. Nothing but greed on Nintendo's part. remember when they wanted to be better than the standard mobile game?

Agreed, and it's Mario Run's failure and Heroes and Go's success that's led the way for this garbage, a real shame.

It sounds like the people have spoken with their wallets and Nintendo responded with this. Can't blame Nintendo for going towards what model makes the money.

Disappointing. Nothing but greed on Nintendo's part. remember when they wanted to be better than the standard mobile game?

There was somebody against it. You wanted him fired for botching the Wii U.

Wed Sep 25 19 05:55am
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Meanwhile, Apple Arcade is $5 a month and you currently get access to 59 games, I think it is. This is a tough sell, even for hardcore Mario Kart fans.

Wed Sep 25 19 06:22am
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This really isn't that bad of a deal. $5/month is cheap compared to other mobile games. Kingdom Hearts Union Cross has a similar thing but it's $15/week (so about $60/mo if you're going for it), and I know Final Fantasy Record Keeper has an MVP program that you only get invited to if you spend a crapton of money.

Compared to other mobile games, $5/mo is rather nice.

This is not a deal. This shouldn’t even exist neither should paying fricking $60 a month for a game. Anyone who’s paying that much to play a mobile game has spending issues.

I mean I'm not one to judge how others spend their money nor am I one to get on a soapbox about how spending money on a mobile game is a bad investment. I was merely pointing out that in comparison to other gacha games this is cheap.

I have never spent money on a Nintendo mobile game and don't plan to change my way of living anytime soon

$5 a month for a new mode? More like 15 once to play it forever, as it should be. This is just sad and dumb

Thanks Furukawa.

But in all seriousness, this is a small glimpse into the oracle's mirror. Imagine a world, nay, imagine a Nintendo, where they no longer make console or handheld games, and subsist solely off of mobile games like this, along with the movies and theme parks.

Maybe I am overestimating my willpower here, but it's quite possible I may quit being a Nintendo fan should this ever happen. Money however, speaks, and has a way of changing trajectories on certain things...


Fri Sep 27 19 11:11am
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I imagine this is Nintendo just trying out different approaches with mobile games. Mario Run had a one time purchase, fir emblem had many micro transactions, and now this has monthly subscription on top of micro transaction. For those unaware Clash Royale just came out with this $5 a month thing maybe 2 or 3 months ago. I'm sure they saw great success with it as half of my clan buys it every month.

This game was downloaded 10 million+ times already. If only 1% of those people buy this monthly subscription that is 100,000 people. At $5 a month Nintendo makes $500,000 a month or 6 million a year. That's without all the micro transactions.


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