Brain Training for Nintendo Switch revealed, coming December 27 to Japan

Out of the blue, a brand new Brain Training/Age game has been revealed for Nintendo Switch. The new game focuses on training with Joy-Con as well as the touch input you know.

The first new feature is the usage of the motion IR camera in the right Joy-Con. It will read the shape of your finger so that you can solve simple math problems. We will have to find out how quickly it can pick up movements in this fast paced setting. There are multiplayer options too, allowing you to battle one-on-one for those big brain results. Two examples given are a bird counting minigame and a game where you have to hold the Joy-Con a certain way.

While the game sees a lot of new, the traditional game modes like Calculations and Sudoku return as well. Some even take up a similar real-estate as the Nintendo DS games, forcing you to hold the system vertically. For the best input, it is recommended that you get the new Nintendo Switch stylus/Touch Pen. The pen comes with the retail version, which is sold at 3480 yen. Obviously, you can also purchase on its own from the Japanese My Nintendo Store, where it will be 864 yen.

The Brain Age Check makes a return, and is mostly played in this vertical orientation. If you want to be reminded of your daily training, you can use the newly added alarm function and set a time. The system will rumble, telling you it is time to get started. The new Brain Training mail option will send your progress over email, seeing how your family members are performing.

In a post-release update, you will also be able to compete in Global Competitions. It is here that you can battle with your friends with the highest scores in certain activities and the Brain Age Check.

Brain Training for Nintendo Switch will be releasing on December 27 in Japan. The official Japanse website can be found here!

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Mon Sep 30 19 05:31am
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I love Brain Age! I don't doubt it will come here, but I do hope it does! Complete with the classic style of not hiring graphic designers, I'm looking forward to this.
On the DS, the piano game actually helped me learn to sight-read music!

Edit: THE PIANO GAME IS BACK, BABY! Big nostalgia on that one!

The first Brain Age is one of the first games I ever owned, on my first system. I'm so excited for this.

About time really. And ot even uses the joy-cons in cool ways (too bad for the Lite owners though).

Great stuff.

I love the first brain age!!! Played it almost everyday for years! So glad it's back to its glory and not that 3DS monstrosity

Demonic Kawashima was the stuff of nightmares!

Mon Sep 30 19 04:18pm
(Updated 1 time)

Pretty neat surprise out of the blue. Brain Age is one of my favorite casual Nintendo IPs, I don't mind this at all. I wonder if Big Brain Academy is making a return too. Or perhaps that may be a bit redundant in retrospect...


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