Super Mario Maker 2 updated to Version 1.1.0 (online co-op & versus multiplayer with friends)

The update we've been waiting for

Nintendo has updated Super Mario Maker 2 to Version 1.1.0, and it includes the ability to play with friends in versus or co-op modes. Check out the full patch notes below.

Course World

Network Play

Added “Play with friends”
You can now play online with friends in either Multiplayer Versus or Multiplayer Co-op modes.
You can now select courses uploaded to Course World as well as courses saved to Coursebot.
The Nintendo Switch Online mobile app is now supported.
You can automatically match online with people that you were matched with via the app, and can voice chat with them.

Added features to “Nearby Play”
You can now play in Multiplayer Co-op mode as well as Multiplayer Versus mode.
You can now select courses uploaded to Course World as well as courses saved to Coursebot.
When playing a course saved to Coursebot, the host system doesn’t need to be connected to the internet.

Added “LAN Play”
Players connected to the same LAN (Local Area Network) can now wirelessly play together.
After selecting Network Play, you can switch to LAN Play mode by clicking in the L Stick and pressing the L or R buttons.

If the connection is unstable before Multiplayer Co-op or Multiplayer Versus starts, the match will be cancelled.

In Multiplayer Co-op, when everyone chooses “Let’s start over!”, the timer will now be reset.

Changed the look of the gauge for S+, the highest rank in Multiplayer Versus.

If a player places Builder Boxes after a warp point, other players will now be able to break them and proceed forward.

All players will take the same amount of time to move through a Warp Pipe, regardless of the state of their character.

After updating to Ver. 1.1.0, you will no longer be able to match with players using Ver. 1.0.1 or lower in Network Play.

Course Info

You can now select Play Together directly from any course uploaded to a player’s profile.
Simplified the display of comments containing stamps in “View comments.”

Maker Profile

Added a refresh/update button to “Courses uploaded.”
Added a list showing a user’s 100 most recent First Clears.
Now displays a user’s total number of First Clears.
Now displays a user’s total number of world-record times.

Official Makers

Added a list of Official Makers in Leaderboards.
Course Maker

You can now use touch with button controls in handheld mode.
You can also go back to touch-only controls from Settings in the Main Menu.


You can now play with a horizontal Joy-Con in all Game Modes.
You can change your controller grip from Settings in the Main Menu.
Other issues have been fixed to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

Thanks to all who sent this in!


This game has massively died down, so I think this is too little and too late. I'm very surprised we haven't gotten any new content yet. That said, I do love the online versus, so hit me up in the Discord server if you want to play a match or two!

Wed Oct 02 19 12:14am
Rating: 1

What are you basing that on? It’s still near the top of the eShop and new videos for it get hundreds of thousands of views.

Everyone I know who has it hasn't played it for a long time, and I never see anyone on my friends list playing it anymore.

I dont think it fully dead but yeah I rarely see anyone playing it on my friends list anymore. I had my fill after 10 hours of play. Beat story mode and played a few courses online and was like "yeah more Mario Maker I had my fill.." and moved on.

Also it doesnt help that Nintendo decided to unleash 65 1st party Switch titles all crammed into the back half so people have much more to choose from.

Yeah, it's definitely not dead and buried, but it has certainly settled down a lot.

Sun Oct 13 19 01:53pm
Rating: 1

Thank you for the anecdote.

Much appreciated, but it definitely took them a long time. Really surprised we haven't gotten any new builder content.

Definitely surprising. The original got new course parts, and it's the kind of game that really needs that to maintain creativity.

Bit too slow to release this. Everyone I know has stopped playing it. Shame, they had a decent shot at making this game have pretty long legs.

It's a level editor first and foremost. Of course the masses will bail out early on. Making levels is not the same as playing levels. It takes time and ingenuity, which some people do not have unfortunately. Therefore, it feels more like work to them. You can only take the multiplayer side of things so far without squandering the potential of the game's main conceit.

And more to the point, considering that yes, more new games have come out since then that have grabbed their attention, of course the game will die down. Would you want to spend an hour meticulously crafting a level no one wants to play (Because you are not good at Mario and don't understand proper level design), or do you want to immediately get gratification and play something like Link's Awakening?


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