More information on Dragon Quest XI S' launch sales in Japan

Just how well did it sell?

We know that Dragon Quest XI S took the top spot in the Japanese sales chart last week, selling 311k units at retail. Want a better breakdown of how the game did? Check out some new tidbits on launch week sales below.

- sell-through rate of 65%
- this means Square-Enix shipped around 450k units at launch
- Dragon Quest on 3DS and PlayStation 4 have sold 1.83 million units and 1.4 million units respectively since launch


Dragon Quest 3DS outsold the PS4 version despite being on a dying system? WTF? I'm kinda surprised since the 3DS was nearly dead and I assumed most would just wait for this one or pick up the PS4 copy. I know DQ is big, but dang...

3DS was far less dead in 2017 than PS4. 24 million units is still over 4 times more than 5 million

3DS DQ11 sales were actually kind of disappointing since it was released so late for it (one of the DQM remakes sold 1.3M earlier in its life). Yes it was still expected. That year 3ds still had MHXX, DQ11 and Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon in JP.

You gotta pump up those numbers, those are rookie numbers!
Seriously, this saga deserves much much better sales. Hopefully one day will surpass FF popularity.

It's the rerelease of a two-year-old game in a country where those who wanted to play it are part of the 3DS and PS4 sales. I'd say the 300k is pretty good considering that.


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