Jeopardy! episode shares a fake Tetris question

I wish this were true

Looks like Jeopardy! fell for an old Tetris meme during last night's episode. The show had a video game-themed category, and it included the Tetris question above. Unfortunately, as funny as the names are for Tetriminos, they are completely fake. It came about as part of a very successful joke from years ago, and it seems to have stuck!

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That was an edited meme version, iirc.

Tue Oct 08 19 06:01pm
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Yes, it’s true the Tetriminoes don’t have fancy names, but I could’ve sworn those names were used in the manual for the official Nintendo version of Tetris for the NES/Famicom. Or, was it the unlicensed Tengen version?

That was an edited meme version, iirc.

Oh. Now I understand.


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