RUMOR - A Switch Pro Controller revision might have been quietly launched

Is it any different?

Something interesting has popped up over at Best Buy. Apparently there's a new Switch Pro Controller out in the wild, at least as far as the version number goes. The previous Switch Pro Controller was labeled 104889D, and the one just spotted is marked 104889E. Does this mean there are any changes inside? We won't know until someone picks one up and does a teardown, which I'm sure will pop up in a day or two.

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"RUMOR: A Switch Pro""



Oh.... okay....

Next year, if anything to tie with the release of the new consoles a boost could kinda help.

PLEASE tell me they've improved the d-pad.

Wed Oct 09 19 09:17am
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I played a bit of the D-pad and I really..can't find any issues with it. Seems to work fine.

I have four Pro Controllers, and three out of the four have awful d-pads. This issue is worse than the joycon drift thing, because this is a defect that is active right out of the box.

Ever since launch people have complained about the the imprecise and stiff nature of the Pro d-pads. The mechanics are sloppily designed and nothing like the traditional, quality ninty d-pad, for one it's really good at accidentally registering diagonals when a cardinal input is pressed.

I'm not even sure what's happened, Nintendo were the gold standard and the Pro pad has, objectively, the worst d-pad they've ever made. The Wii classic controllers had perfect d-pads, the Wii U gamepad had a really solid one too... and compared to those, the Switch pro feels stiff and wonky.

You might not notice the faults depending on which games you've played, but they're there.


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