Masahiro Sakurai talks about Smash Bros. Ultimate winning multiple awards, shares his thanks

A honor to be a winner!

This week's issue of Famitsu sees another articled penned by Masahiro Sakurai. Check out a summary of that article below, courtesy of PushDustIn and Nokoloc.

- Sakurai says it's a bit silly to give games awards, as each game has its own merits
- Sakurai can’t believe Smash Ultimate won 5 awards at the Japan Game Awards this year, it’s an amazing achievement to him
- Sakurai thanks the development team, those companies that allowed them to use their IP, and the fans of Smash’s characters
- the Future Award at Tokyo Game Show is given to promising games shown at the event
- only attendees can vote for the awards
- Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout won the top prize for having standout character design
- the vote for the Future Award isn’t done by a simple tally, as a committee oversees the competition
- the committee works to make voting fair and to bring out more viable contenders
- since the games are played by the judges, playing with as much attention to detail as possible is necessary
- it’s very difficult for Sakurai to decide after considering all of the candidates
- every year, Sakurai’s been invited as a special guest alongside others with similar merits
- being a part of this took a lot of time, though, since it was difficult to play games when he wanted to
- as a creator and a consultant, Sakurai says it’s an honor to be called on to do such a job
- after 10 minutes of a demo, he has to figure out what to do in his next 50 minutes of playing
- Sakurai also has his own work to do, so it would be a huge loss of time to leave his office empty for too long
- since games like COD: Modern Warfare feature 12 players, or 4v1 in Project Resistance, his staff has played with him too
- “I’m just one person playing these games, so thanks to all of you for your help!!”
- Sakurai avoided many details about the winning games of the Japan Game Awards so he can make a fair, unbiased decision
- when it comes to playing these games, he's usually keen on making his own conclusions about them
- if Sakurai continues to be called upon for this kind of thing, he wants to try his best to the greatest extent possible

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