Nintendo NY's Overwatch: Legendary Edition launch event has been cancelled by Blizzard

Our Overwatch has ended

Nintendo and Blizzard had announced a special Overwatch: Legendary Edition launch event at Nintendo NY, which was set to take place on Oct. 16th, 2019. Nintendo NY has now taken to Twitter to announce that the event has been cancelled, and Nintendo makes it very clear that Blizzard is the one who cancelled the event. While no reason was given, I think we all know that the cancellation is due to the current uproar over how Blizzard is handling a situation in China.

Thanks to Andreslop24 and Kolma for the heads up.


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Free Hong Kong, fuck Blizzard!

Good, moreso for the Nintendo NY employees and voice actors. They don't have anything to do with this.

Blizzard will have to do something really incredible if they are to ever see any more money from me again. I'm fed up with all their bs, and this latest incident with the Hong Kong protests was the final drop.

Free Hong Kong, fuck Blizzard!

I suppose they want to avoid the bad press from a protest. Makes me wonder how well Overwatch on Switch will sell with this going on. I can't imagine it won't do well despite all the anger at Blizzard.

Tue Oct 15 19 02:11am
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It'll do fine.
Vocal minority.

Tue Oct 15 19 09:12am
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You must live in a sheltered, privileged world.

Tue Oct 15 19 04:00am
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They really screwed this one up... Big time.

Ok, I know you shouldn't mix politics eith games, but it's pretty hard not to. But still, Blizz is handeling this real bad. Well at least they've got cell phones.

Sorry.. this kind of comment annoys me.

Almost all art, games included are affected and influenced by politics.

Sorry, not sorry, but "art" is a big word. It's very individual, really. Personally most of my art is based on my dreams. Mostly in those "half awake-half asleep" dreams...

But nevermind. The gaming industry is not just about gaming and us fans, but money and money has become our greateat god, so Blizzard have sold their souls. And this is evidence.

I like that unlike those Blizz chickens Ninty was apparently perfectly fine going ahead with the event even if it was clearly going to be a total goat rodeo. Now that's dedication to your fans.


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