Modern Game Boy clone 'Analogue Pocket' announced, supports every Game Boy cartridge (+ other handhelds with adapters)

Game on, boy!

Exciting news this morning! After rumors of the system's development, Analogue has officially announced a Nintendo Game Boy re-imagining for the modern era. The company has previously launched NES and SNES clones in the past with critical acclaim, and now it's time to see what Analogue is capable of in the handheld market.

Upfront, the system is compatible with the Game Boy's entire library from 1989 - 2008, including the original Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, and Game Boy Advance. Adapters will also be available separately for the system, allowing for support with Sega Game Gear, SNK Neo Geo Pocket Colour, and Atari Lynx. This results in a massive game library available immediately for the Analogue Pocket.

Features for the upcoming handheld include many upgrades from the original Game Boy, including an HD display, USB-C charging, improved battery life, and fully mappable controls.

The system does not include built-in ROMs, and is not an emulator. The Analogue Pocket is a revolutionary and faithful recreation of the Game Boy we all know and love, providing cartridge support for each of the system generations. However, the portable system will include a pre-loaded tool known as Nanoloop. This is a synthesizer and sequencer for musicians to have some fun with. Developers will be free to develop their own applications for the hardware.

This information was released earlier than expected. More details can be found in this newly published article.

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This is something I have been waiting for and didn't even know it! I would love one. I wonder why it has the 4 button mapping rather than 2? Don't all those systems only use 2 main buttons?

My guess is that when you're gonna play games that require you to use select or start to swap items instantly, you can do so with those buttons. Although I had no issues with swapping from what I have played.

The Wonder Swan and Wonder Swan Color had 4 buttons.

Why Atari lynx though? There aren't any great games on that system.

Wonder swan would have been better.

Ninja Gaiden III, Rygar and Klax are pretty fun from what I hear

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