Luigi's Mansion 3 features incredible parody of Nintendo's infamous 1995 VR system, Virtual Boy

Let's get virtual, virtual!

Known as the "Virtual Boo" in the game, Luigi's Mansion 3 makes an incredible reference to Nintendo's failed 1995 VR attempt. This isn't just a small reference either, it's an entire conversation about the "state-of-the-art virtual-reality device fitted with a fancy red screen" that Professor E. Gadd has with Luigi. It's nice to see such a lighthearted nod to a large piece of video game history!

Check out the full scene here, courtesy of GameXplain!


Wait, is this the device Luigi carries around with him in place of the Game Boy Horror?! That would be so awesome! Also, if so this is a major spoiler.

Why is this on here? It's a spoiler.

It's not. It's a tease from very early in the game as part of approved preview coverage sites are allowed to show today. It's as much of a spoiler now as Luigi still hunting down ghosts.

This was quite literally mentioned clearly in detail already at the Treehouse segment for Luigi's Mansion 3 at E3 2019. But I wouldn't expect anything less from the incompetence and slow reaction time of GameXplain.


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