More details released on 'Analogue Pocket', priced at $199, 1600 x 1440 resolution with 5.6-inch LCD screen, ability to play on TV via HDMI, and more

New details, Oh, boy!

Earlier today, it was announce that Analogue will be releasing a Nintendo Game Boy clone for the modern era. More details have now been released on the upcoming product, and it's looking to be a pretty advanced piece of hardware.

The price for the handheld is a bit steep, with an MSRP of $199. Adjusting for inflation, the original Game Boy costed $169 ($89.99 in 1989). Taking that into account, the price seems a bit more reasonable.

The specs on the system are pretty impressive. Playing Game boy games on a 3.5-inch LCD screen with as high of a resolution as 1600 x 1440 has got to provide a very sharp and clean picture. The ability to play on the TV through a dock via HDMI is a huge plus, and the handheld will support Bluetooth controllers.

Analogue Pocket is a rechargeable, clean, and impressive Game boy redesign launching next year!

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Wed Oct 16 19 10:39am
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I'm confused as to why it has extra buttons and such a high resolution screen. Native resolution screens are always better for handheld devices.

Edit: Ah never mind, I read the original news post that details the device. It supports all Game Boy games, including Game Boy Advance. So that explains why it needed the extra buttons and high res screen since the Advance has a different screen resolution than the original Game Boy.

Game Boy Advance only has 2 face buttons though, so that still doesn't explain why the device uses four of them...

Maybe they didn't provide the shoulder buttons for this one? Looking at it, I can't find the shoulder buttons, something that gba has.

It has similar shoulder buttons to the Gameboy Advanced SP. If you go to Analogue's website, it shows a good picture of what the back looks like.

I suppose it would be for the Atari Lynx adapter or any other future adapters for other handhelds that have more then 2 face buttons.

They said that it will support other handhelds as well, like the Wonderswan, which does have more buttons.

Ah, that explains it then.
Also saw that you will be able to remap all the buttons to ones liking, so if one doesnt like a particular setup with shoulder buttons in a GBA game for example, just use the face buttons!

Also looks like the high resolution screen is 1600x1440, which should be great for the original 160x144 resolution Game Boy graphics

It looks really cool. I'm not sure how much I need one since I've got several ways to play my Game Boy games on both handheld and TV, but it'll be nice to see some of its other functions at play.

At $200 you might as well just buy a Switch Lite.

You cannot, as of the time of writing, officially at least, play Donkey Kong 94 on a Switch Lite, soooo... moot point!


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