Random Time! - Potential manufacturing error provides Reddit user with two 'Y' buttons on their Switch Lite


Nintendo Switch has certainly had its fair share of hardware issues, including the infamous 'Joy-Con Drift'. Now, a new issue seems to have appeared on the Switch Lite, at least in one Reddit user's case. Asking the question "How common is this?", u/leviatanCL posted an alleged photograph of their grey Switch Lite containing not one, but two 'Y' buttons. While the problem is purely cosmetic, the lack of visual representation for a 'B' button could be confusing for some users.

Reddit user u/Megakarp suggested the possibility that: "Somewhere out there, there's a switch lite with 2 B buttons."

u/Nickynui jokingly added: "2b? Nier confirmed for switch?", referencing the character '2B' from the much requested NieR: Automata port for the Nintendo Switch platform.

While they were clearly just messing around, it's an interesting thought that someone out there may have gotten that extra unused 'B' button.

Even though the photo is convincing, there is still a possibility that the unit was altered by the consumer after its purchase. If the claim is indeed real, hopefully Nintendo can provide a replacement through their customer support.

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It would be funny if both of them registered Y inputs.

I haven't seen a tear down of the Switch light yet, but typically Nintendo buttons are designed to fit in exactly one spot (typically the button have prongs sticking out that fit in specific grooves).


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