Nintendo reveals Ring Fit Adventure leg strap size

Thigh check

If you're picking up Ring Fit Adventure, you might be looking to use it to lose some weight. I certainly know that's why I'm giving the game a go. While the included Ring-Con works for people of all shapes and sizes, the leg strap is a different story. Nintendo has stated that the Joy-Con leg strap will work with a thigh as small as 34cm, and a thigh as big as 70cm. I don't even want to measure my thigh...so I guess I'll find out where I stand when I open the game!

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Fri Oct 18 19 03:56pm
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27 inches for us US fellows. That should be enough to supplement most people honestly. 27 Inches circumference is pretty generous IMHO.

Edit: Maybe not. I'm sure if you're a little crafty you can modify it a bit to make it fit though.


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