A Hat in Time on Switch is 4 times the size of the PS4 version

You're gonna need a bigger hat

A Hat in Time takes up roughly 16 GB on Switch, which makes it bigger than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as well as Super Mario Odyssey. While the file size in and of itself is a bit surprising, the real shock comes when comparing the Switch version to the PS4 release. Somehow, the PS4 version of the game is just 4 GB, making Switch 4 times larger. We usually see file sizes shrink when jumping from another platform to Switch, so we're not quite sure what happened here!

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Yeah I was gonna buy it until I saw that file size and was like "WTF!?" My current SD card is almost full so looks like I will have to hold off until I get another microsd card to pick it up.

Why is the version with likely lower resolution textures on the hardware with less ram and storage LESS compressed?

Sat Oct 19 19 03:24pm
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My guess is that they rendered a bunch of the cutscenes to video so they didn't have to optimize the graphics during those portions. The PS4 is probably still running them live and in-engine.

I completed it 100% last night. They didn't. There's literally no pre-rendered cutscene in the game. And textures can be very low res in the Switch version. No idea what all that space is being used by.

Wow... that's a real mystery then. I've been wanting to get this on cartridge, so hopefully they've figured that out without having a big download.

The game is 16.4GB with the Seal the Deal DLC included, and apparently it comes full on a cartridge with no extra download fequired as far as i know. Not sure if that means they crammed it all on a 16GB cartridge or a 32GB but that's all I know, Load times are pretty long too on Switch so why they had to make it that much bigger is a mystery indeed.

I'm just gonna wait on the physical version on November 8th anyway. It's $10 more for the physical edition but it's worth it IMO just for a version that doesn't use up as much space on my SD Card.

The game takes up slightly more than 16 GB, so get ready to download the remining couple of hundered MB.


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