God of War director praises Witcher 3 on Switch, says it must have taken 'some kind of dark sorcery' to get it to run

We happen to agree!

Many, many people have been impressed with the quality of the Witcher 3 port on Switch. Sure, it might not be the prettiest version, but it's no slouch either! It more than gets the job done, it runs well, and it's the entire experience! Cory Barlog, director of God of War, was so impressed by the port that he took to Twitter to share the thoughts below.

It is a portable version of a game that is like 3x the size of ALL the games I have ever made combined! It is some kind of dark sorcery that did to get it run on the Switch so I am more than cool with the graphical tradeoffs required to realize this glorious feat of dev magic.

I absolutely LOVE being able to play Witcher III on my Switch Lite. Having said that, it's such a missed opportunity that they did not call it: The sWitcher III: It sWild Hunt, eh? Or just - sWitcher III Game Industry, I'm available for all your naming and marketing


It's not sorcery, you ass. It's called hard work and taking time to understand the hardware. If more developers took the extra time like CD Projekt Red did to port their games and didn't just phone it in for a quick buck we'd have a lot better looking and running Switch games.

Sun Oct 20 19 05:52pm
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Why did his tweet offend you? That's an odd reaction to have by reading someone tweeting praise out to his industry peers.... CDPR did not port this btw...


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