Risk of Rain 2's update schedule released, gyroscopic aiming coming to Switch

What's the forecast?

The Risk of Rain 2 dev team has shared a long rundown of information on what's coming to the game in terms of updates. The first update for Switch should be hitting towards the end of this month, but there's still much more to come after that. Check out the schedule of patches below.

1: Our first patch on consoles will include bug fixes, performance updates, and a few QoL updates. Not only that, but the first patch will include a couple of unique features, including gyroscopic aiming for Switch and voice chat for Xbox One. \**This was submitted to certification a few weeks ago, and is planned to show up near the end of October.\* Stay tuned to our social media channels where we will share when this patch arrives. Additionally, to ensure that you know you have updated to the latest patch once it is live, see below each console version:*

Switch: 1.0.2
Xbox One:
PlayStation 4: 1.02

2: *The next patch is, and includes the Skills 2.0 content update which will also come with the patch that came shortly after it was released on PC, addressing regen and bugs. ***This patch is currently in progress, and is planned to show up mid-December.

Skills 2.0 Content Update includes:

New Skills for each survivor (aka Skills 2.0)
New Survivor
New Stage
New Boss
New Items, Equipment & More!
Nintendo Switch Specific: Local Wireless Multiplayer
Edit - I'll also add below the rest of the major updates that are scheduled for Risk of Rain 2 based on their Console Content Forecast:

Winter Update

New Survivor
New Hidden Realms
New Bosses
New Items, Equipment & More!

Spring 2020 Update

Artifacts 2.0
New Stage
New Bosses
New Items, Equipment & More!

Summer 2020 Update

New Survivor
Final Stage
Final Boss
New Items, Equipment & More!

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