University of Virginia student has her Switch stolen, fellow classmates come together to buy her a new one

Sad story with a happy ending

Katie Triggs, a University of Virginia student, used to take her Switch everywhere with her. She would carry it around in her backpack to play whenever she got the chance. Katie has autism, and she said she used the Switch to help her deal with anxiety, stress, and isolation.

Unfortunately for Katie, someone at the university decided to steal hear Switch right out of her backpack. The switch was stolen while Katie was at lunch, along with all the games she had in her bag. Heartbroken, Katie took to the University's Class of 2023 Facebook page to ask the thief to please consider returning the Switch. That's where fellow student Annie Piland caught the message, and decided to set things straight.

Annie started a GoFundMe page to spread Katie's story, which had a goal of $500 to replace Katie's Switch and games. The GoFundMe hit its $500 goal on the first day without any problem. The campaign is actually sitting at over $800 now, which is more than enough to replace the Switch and the games Katie lost.

Annie and Katie are going to buy a new Switch this week to give this story a happy ending. As for the extra funds, the plan is to donate the cash to a group that helps replace stolen items for other students.

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What monster would do such a thing? Another ignorant person who steals something from an autistic young woman!

Mon Oct 21 19 09:04pm
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I saw something about this on Twitter a few days back. While I’m glad to see the situation resolved, whoever stole this woman’s video games should be punished for such mean behavior!

I mean, I’m a grown man who is also diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, yet I ironically bullied others with similar disabilities back when I was in school, and I paid for it dearly. Being mean never gets anyone anywhere, you know.

RIP her Splatoon save data...

As sad as this is, you should like never bring stuff like the Switch to school. I mean, really people would steal it and all and its obvious.

I get that the Switch is portable but at the same time, it should be brought to places where you kinda can bring it to. I'm surprised that the teacher or the principal did not take her switch away like that.

Maybr the teacher or principal stole it. Hah!

But joke aside, I agree with you someehat. The Switch is a smart idea with it's hybrid nature and I applaud Ninty for it, but it's also expensive and being such a big hit people will get sticky hands for it.

Fortunately with cloud saves she can get all her data ba- oh wait...


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