Mario Kart Tour News, Vol. 2 - He finally arrives October 22nd, 2019

What's in the news today?

The second episode of Mario Kart Tour news is ready for all to see. This episode covers the latest characters to join the game, which aren't much of a secret at this point!

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Nice to see Luigi's Mansion King Boo as playable.

So the Luigi's Mansion version of King Boo actually is coming to the game. But seriously, why on earth are there two of him. Why not just always use the superior Luigi's Mansion version of him? Just makes it confusing.

No more confusing than multiple special versions of Mario, Peach, Rosalina and so on...

You can see it in multiple ways:

1.- My headcanon, is the same King Boo but the gem on King Boo┬┤s Crown give him his powers and changes his apparence
2.- The other King Boo has only appared on spin offs and in the Super Mario 64 DS remake so far, so is non canon in the main games
3.- King Boo of the spin offs was crowned be Bowser to rule the boos on his name, the other King Boo is the true king boo
4.- Canon in Mario doesnt exists

Is that simple

Tue Oct 22 19 01:59am
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Or just admit that EPD 9 are hack frauds and have always been as such when regarding the rosters of the Mario Kart games. Literally no reason to use generic King Boo but of course they will use his actual version as gacha bait.

Here I was complaining about the lack of actual King Boo and here he comes. Too bad all this awesome content and characters are locked behind a crappy mobile game instead of being in the ACTUAL main Mario Kart (as well as other spin-offs) like they should've been from the start.


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