Sept. 2019 was Fortnite's worst month for revenue since Nov. 2017

October should see a rebound

Superdata has released some data on digital revenue in Sept. 2019, and Fortnite saw a major plummet in player spending. According to the report, Fortnite saw revenue down 43% across all platforms month-over-month, making for the worst month of revenue since Nov. 2019. Fortnite fell to seventh in September's top grossing digital titles chart for consoles, and ninth for PC.

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Should definitely rebound. A FN streamer I watch doubled his subs from 9k to nearly 19k due to the release of Chapter 2.

That said. It's still the same game folks... but I guess that's true for DotA2 and LoL, yet those have stayed popular for years. Live and let live.

Nov 2019 hasn’t even happened yet Rawmeat :p

Wait wait wait. Fire Emblem Three houses is number five on top grossing console games for september? Beating Zelda?

You're right. That is weird. I'd like to say it's good news for FE, but it's probably just not the best news for Link's Awakening.

It's time for something new.


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