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Build-a-Bear UK website officially reveals Pichu plush

Pichu arrives!
by rawmeatcowboy
23 October 2019
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Welcome Pichu to the Build-A-Bear family! With its happy smile, extra-large ears and embroidered pink cheeks, this Pichu plush makes a small but powerful addition to any Pokémon Trainer's lineup. It's shocking how cute this Electric-type Pokémon looks in its online exclusive bundle which includes a Blue Cape, Repeat Ball Hoodie, 6-in-1 Pichu sound chip and Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Pikachu Pokémon TCG Card!

Price includes:

Blue Pichu Cape
Repeat Ball Hoodie
6-in-1 Pichu Sound
Build-A-Bear Workshop Exclusive Pickachu Pokémon TCG Card

We learned about the existence of this Build-a-Bear Workshop Pichu plush yesterday, but that was before any images of the product were shared. Now thanks to the UK website for Build-a-Bear, we get a full look at what the plush has to offer. You can also check out a few more accessories for the plush here.