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Last year, NBA 2K19 caused quite a bit of controversy with its unskippable ads. It looks like there wasn't enough of an uproar though, as the ads have returned for this year's installment as well. People once again are taking issue with spending $60 to get a game where they have to sit and watch commercials. Time to start voting with wallets instead of internet comments.

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I say we boycott anything with force ads that costs that much starting with Cable TV. Whenever I get asked in the store if I want to sign up for <insert cable company here>, I immediately ask, "Does it have commercials?" When I'm told that it does, I just look at them funny and ask why I would pay so much money to watch advertisements.

Mon Oct 28 19 07:15pm
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Man, I boycotted cable ages ago. These advertisers know that people are cutting the cord so they’re putting their advertisements in more and more places. Facebook, YouTube...etc. Those are free platforms that although I despise the ads in them, to some degree, I tolerate it. Putting that rubbish in a video game I paid $60 for is crossing a line. I would return that thing immediately. One way or another, I’m getting my money back.

I can easily boycott a basketball game as I have little interest to begin with. If this were breath of the wild 2, it would be much harder. Here's hoping the NBA 2k franchise goes to hell and sends a message to other publishers....

Mon Oct 28 19 07:39pm
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You present a really interesting scenario.

I think these sorts of practice are very strongly rejected by the "hardcore" gaming community, but it's something that you clearly can get away with in the casual sports community that likely makes up the bulk of sales for these games.

Heck, anyone who watches sports knows that commercials popping up in the middle of a game is more authentic to the real experience of watching sports. 😅

As much as I love Zelda, the moment they start with ads is the moment I quit modern gaming.

Could argue that the Switch shirt in BotW was an ad, particularly if you bought the Wii U version. Not the same as many other advertisements in games but a tool used to promote a separate product all the same.

On NBA 2K19 an unskippable ad appeared to me once and until this day it never happened again even with me playing it quite a lot, it's a weird thing to see it happen.

I don't understand why anyone would want to represent their brand with a commercial in a game.

I used to think it was kind of cool to see real-world products being part of the ambient world in games. When it was less conspicuous and added a bit of authenticity to the world.

Like Chupa Chups in Zool, Soap shoes in Sonic Adventure 2, or Duracell batteries in Pikmin. Sure it's equally as cynical, but the effort integrating the objects into the games was appreciated on some level.

But unskippable ads is a travesty. It's just lazy and shameless. It's really the advertisers as well as the games that people should be boycotting. Converse just got free advertising from the screenshot above, and that is really all they care about.

I’m sure they have something in the terms and conditions letting them add this stuff in without legal trouble, which honestly really sucks. I don’t have an issue with ads in games where it makes sense, like having ads around the court in NBA and such. They’re going for authenticity, it’s whatever. But unskippable ads in a game that charges £50 up front to begin with, and ones that are added later after reviews are out? Do one. That’s disgusting. Make a free to play version and put as many ads in there if you really have to.

The worst thing about major publishers today is they just don’t respect anyone, be it customers or developers. And for some reason, everyone just lets it happen.


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