Mario Kart Tour hits 123.9 million downloads in its first month

Racing to a bit tally

Mario Kart Tour has been out a little over a month now, and millions upon millions of people were ready to check the game out. According to Sensor Tower, Mario Kart Tour hit 123.9 million unique downloads in those first 30 days, which is definitely an impressive figure. Check out more details on the game's first month below.

- generated $37.4 million in player spending
- in terms of revenue, Mario Kart Tour comes in second for Nintendo, being beat by Fire Emblem Heroes’ launch month
- has an average of $0.26 spent per player
- Pokémon GO saw 163 million downloads in its first 30 days

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has an average of $0.26 spent per player

Is that low or high?

Probably on the lower end. But this game heavily relies on a subscription and considering the first 2 weeks are free, it’s going to be interesting to see how this game does on the 2nd month and who is going to maintain their subscription.

Mon Oct 28 19 10:26pm
Rating: 2

I got the free trial and then unsubscribed. The Gold Pass is more expensive than Nintendo Switch Online and as expensive as Mario Kart 8 in a year, without owning anything. The prices for rubies and pilots is also very expensive. If there was an option of a one time payment of 20 or 30 dollars, I would have paid, but the monetization here is awful. I have all Mario Kart games and 2 copies of Super Circuit, but Nintendo won't get one cent from me for this game.

Tue Oct 29 19 02:42am
Rating: 1

I haven't spent anything on it and am still enjoying it a lot.

I downloaded it. Played a few races on that first day and haven’t gone back to it. It’s far more grotesquely “mobiley” than Super Mario Run and turns me off.


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