Overwatch 2 press kit lists the game as coming to Switch (UPDATE)

Is it true?

UPDATE - This is now officially confirmed

Blizzard has announced that Overwatch 2 is on the way, which is something many already suspected. Now that the game is officially confirmed, some new assets and press releases have come out. The screens, art, and trailers don't make mention of a Switch version, or any platform in particular for that matter. That said, Blizzard's press room has a fact sheet available, and that sheet specifically says that a Switch version is in the works.

While that seems like a confirmation at this point, it seems rather fishy that no other assets/content released would name Switch, but this one random fact sheet would. We'll reach out to Blizzard for comment to try and get a 100% confirmation.

Thanks to Dondom95 for the heads up!

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Announcing this less than a month after the first game launched on Switch is nuts.

Why is it nuts? Do tell us!

Fri Nov 01 19 08:54pm
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Haha, well, it seemed nuts initially to me because it just felt like them killing off any interest in that game so soon after release by saying a bigger and better one would be coming soon (announcing a Switch version of Overwatch 2 at least) . Could go either way, like it could get people interested in getting the first to prepare for the new one but having bought it a few days ago myself I know that if I’d known a sequel was coming soon I wouldn’t have bothered. For this kind of game that lives and dies by its player base it just seemed weird to see them potentially kill a lot of interest in the game by announcing that a presumably improved sequel is around the corner.

However, I’ve been reading that all the maps and heroes from the second game will be coming to the first too? And that players on the first game will compete/co-operate with people playing the second...not really sure how that’ll all work but if that’s the case it makes things more understandable.

But that's the point! They got OW1 on Switch to garner interest. Also to see if it had a fanbase from he get-go and I am pretty sure they had to work on the port more than on other platforms. But they can NOT show of OW2 and not give it a Switch release after all that. So I don't see it as nuts. The entire Hong Kong fiasco I see as nuts, though.

Fri Nov 01 19 07:04pm
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Inb4 it’s the only version to run at 30FPS and it’s easily a low effort port, like the first one. I still can’t believe they pulled that.


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