Resident Evil Triple Pack doesn't offer My Nintendo Gold Points (UPDATE)

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UPDATE - This issue seems to have been worked out, as 30 points are now being offered for Resident Evil 4. Thanks to Conangiga for the heads up!

If you were hoping to get some Gold Points from the Resident Evil Triple Pack, get ready to be disappointed. Apparently not a single game in the pack offers up Gold Points. That goes for Resident Evil 4 on the cartridge, and the Resident Evil 5 & 6 download codes.


A lot of games that get late physical releases don't. It requires the publisher to push an update to enable the gold points and if they don't do it then it never comes. (Like Sonic Mania which also had this happen, and NEVER got it resolved)

Limited Run Games also has this issue for games they didn't self publish on the eShop, since they have to do a tiny update that people download to get the coins to work. But some people throw such a huge fit over the idea of having to download a 5 second update for a physical release that they don't bother fixing the gold coins due to not wanting to update the games to do so and making picky people worry their games aren't "complete" anymore. Personally I'd just push the patches out and not give a damn about the minor update as it doesn't really mean much anyhow and they usually take up no space at all.

Thu Nov 07 19 11:36am
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I'm regularly buying games from Limited Run. Sometimes there is an update and sometimes there is none, but I'm always getting gold points.
Raging Loop and Spirit Hunter: NG didn't have any, much to my dismay.

EDIT: Seems to be fake news. My Triple Pack arrived the other day and I got 30 points for RE4.

Quite a few of the Switch games I've bought over the years haven't let me get gold points, so this is nothing new.

Wed Nov 06 19 12:02pm
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I don't know if I'm lucky but, whenever I can't get points for a game I call Nintendo and they give me the points for the game.
I've done this a few times already, including game from Limited Run and RE4 from the triple pack.


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