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The most technically impressive adventure yet

One of the best looking exclusives to hit Switch yet, Luigi's Mansion 3's visuals have a CG film-like quality. The push for world physics and dynamic shadows is a highlight here too, taking it far beyond what the first two games could achieve on GameCube and 3DS.


the graphics and animations of Luigi Mansion 3 is so top notch and Pixar-like or even better then this and i cant wait to play this amazing game in the Switch of my Cousin and my Switch with better battery life that one of my Cousin will bring to me along side Luigi Mansion 3.

Wed Nov 06 19 01:14am
Rating: 1

I was a little worried about this one. Being a huge fan of the GameCube original, I was concerned about this proper console release not being developed in-house at Nintendo. But having played through about 8 hours so far, I can say that I’m totally satisfied with the job Next Level Games has done here. LM3 hits all the right notes, surprises in the animation department, and feels like a respectable follow-up for the series. Great game.


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