Suda51 talks No More Heroes 3, says development is roughly 40% complete, trailer coming late this year/early next

Strawberry on the shortcake!

Suda51 is now deep into development on No More Heroes 3, but that doesn't mean he can't take some time to share a few new tidbits! Here's what the man himself had to say during an interview with Wccftech.

- the game is 35 to 40% complete
- the game's script is now finished
- the open world will be bigger than the first game, but not as big as AAA games like Ubisoft's or Rockstar's
- there will be roughly the same amount of side activities, alongside a few "extras"
- these extras are something different from minigames
- the suit Travis uses in the trailer will be playable, but only in specific situations
- motion controls are once again reconfirmed
- Suda51 describes one of the bosses as "Thanos. Venom. Joker"
- Suda51 has made games with bigger budgets before, so this won't be the biggest yet
- the real challenge has been figuring out how to best use the Switch, as there are some interesting new possibilities
- Nobuaki Kaneko will do the whole soundtrack
- the game is still on-course for a 2020 release
- a trailer will come out later this year, or early next year


So freaking excited for this. Was hoping it would come out early 2020, but late 2020/early 2021 seems more realistic at this point

PLEASE havw HD rumble a big part of the game!


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