RUMOR - Morale at Game Freak at an 'all-time low'

Sad times at Game Freak

The latest episode of WayPoint Radio makes a rather bold claim about the current situation over at Game Freak, the developer behind the Pokemon series. In this episode, WayPoint’s Austin Walker claims that the morale of Game Freak employees is at an “all time low”, but he doesn't elaborate on why that is.

If morale is low, we can easily speculate as to why that is. Fans have been rallying against Pokemon Sword and Shield for quite some time now, as the decision to not include every Pokemon has not gone over well to say the very least. Obviously Game Freak's employees want to create an experience that fans will enjoy, and most Pokemon games are usually met with insane amounts of buzz before launch. That's still the case with Pokemon Sword and Shield, but it's not exactly positive buzz.


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Thu Nov 07 19 03:49pm
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Way to go jerks. We all wanted the Pokemon in the game so badly that it turns out who the real monsters are, except you aren't pocket sized.

Thu Nov 07 19 03:49pm
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Way to go jerks. We all wanted the Pokemon in the game so badly that it turns out who the real monsters are, except you aren't pocket sized.

I'm not the one complaining online, but honestly I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing that they feel the repercussions of disappointing their consumers.

People are awful though.

I don't really want a new Pokémon game each and every year. My morale to play them is at an all-time low thanks to oversaturation and I'm not afraid to let Game Freak know that.

I still don't understand why they doubled and tripled down on excluding the National Dex instead of, say, adding them in over time like a live service game. Sure it would've been a lot of work, but it would restored a lot of good will while still allowing Sword & Shield to get out the door this year.

I don't know man, everything about this sucks. I blame capitalism.

Given how the more toxic fans have been reacting, I honestly cant blame them. Assuming this story is true, of course.

The response to the lack of a FullDex feels akin to the backlash with Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The criticism and disappointment was completely valid, but an unfortunate camp of fans couldnt help but express their feelings in such a negative way, to the point of sounding ignorant on some fronts.

They have to give you something to look forward to for next year's game.

Does anyone know if this person has the contacts or the insights to be able to make this statement? Putting it out there, without any other information, may be all he can do because he has the information on background. Or it could be pure speculation.

Please note that I am not saying it is not true. RMC makes a good case as to why it might be true. .I just don't like it when people make statements that could just be made up.

The series has been trending downhill since X/Y and the camel's back finally broke. Poor programming, graphics, UI, etc. have been building upon and the resistance from Game Freak to address these problems has been increasingly ignored while getting rid of new mechanics people liked and re-fitting them to something else simply for marketing purposes.

People are tired of Pokemon being 3 generations behind the curve. Future proofing Pokemon models before X/Y? Fine. So why are they re-doing them? Oh, they're not and they're actually trying to balance it? Oh, you mean both of these were just convenient lies to push people to keep buying Pokemon Home subscriptions and no one believes them because they changed their story? Game Freak and the Pokemon Company have brought this wrath upon themselves by wrapping themselves in an echo chamber.

Thu Nov 07 19 04:39pm
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I'll agree to a point that GameFREAK needs to start doing better, but the major problem is they follow the Fleeting Demographic Rule. That rule states that after a number of years, they are allowed to recycle content because their target demographics have outgrown them.

Not that they have been completely sitting on their asses and this is where I'll disagree:
1) Gen VI with X and Y had the series transition to full 3D CGI and implemented the old Pokemon Stadium battle engine. This graphic change was sorely needed even though it wasn't perfect (X and Y never got fully optimized for 3DS). Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire would be updated to Gen VI standards from the Gen III/GBA era, but again the Gen VI remakes never were fully optimized for 3DS.

2) Gen VII did away with gyms and the Pokemon League (at least until the post-game of Sun and Moon). This showed GameFREAK was willing to change the formula and it combined with Pokemon GO became the shot in the arm the franchise solely needed. However the games never were fully optimized for 3DS. So GameFREAK rebooted Sun and Moon with Ultra Sun and Moon. The versions didn't do so well and weren't fully optimized for 3DS either.

Enter Let's Go, Pikachu!/Eevee! They were designed for kids that haven't outgrown the franchise and those that did leave the franchise from Gen II onward. It also became a Gen VIII testing bed.

3) Scared thinking abandoning the Gen I to VI formula would lead to the collapse of the franchise, they decided to make Gen VIII the same as Gens I to VI, but took out the broken Mega Evolution and Z-Move mechanics from Gens VI and VII. They have heard the cries of wanting a Pokemon MMO, but while they can't do that, they are toying with the idea by using the Wild Area in Gen VIII as like a test to see if a MMO is viable.

I can't prove that last part though, but this is what I think. GameFREAK has problems, yes. What game studio doesn't have problems? But to say they're completely Garfield lazy is a bit disingenuous.

Thu Nov 07 19 04:16pm
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Fan reaction might have something to do with it but they should've know they were going to take heat for not having all the Pokemon in the game.

I'm sure their could be other reasons as well. Developing a mainline Pokemon for the Switch probably was more work than it was for the 3DS which they were pretty familiar and led more frustrations than they would've had if it was another 3DS entry.

Also I would imagine there is probably burnout from working on the same franchise for over 20 years. I'd bet there are a lot of people in that building that would love to work on something new and fresh other than more and more Pokemon.

Well, at least one team did get to make Little Town Hero.

"Gamers" are some of the most toxic people I've ever known. Constantly slamming developers over things they don't even fully comprehend.

After reading all the interviews with GameFreak and their stance, I agree with their decision. They decided to prioritize more features and gameplay over a dex count. Fans have been complaining for generations now that the amount of gameplay content hasn't quite been hitting the mark, and GameFreak has been unable to hit the mark they wanted to because of the work it takes to continually support all the Pokemon. I'm also incredibly surprised fans aren't willing to be a little more lenient considering we hit over 1000 supported creates in Pokemon Bank in Generation 8 (if you're counting all the different forms, megas and otherwise). That's a TON of work.

You can argue quantity and quality all day, but when it really comes down to it, people forget that resource limitations exist even for the worlds most wealthy companies, and money for Pokemon comes from a lot more sources than just the video games. Not only that but money isn't always the solution to many problems, a Franchise as big as Pokemon cannot, and will not please everyone all the time. Some of my favorite games are others most hated in the franchise and vice versa. No one is ever truly satisfied, and won't be.

It's really sad to see so many people who scream death threats, slander and etc at devs who are putting their all into a game. A franchise as successful as Pokemon doesn't happen by accident, and I'm appalled that a community I used to love so much has turned into such a toxic pile of Muk.

Thu Nov 07 19 05:45pm
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I totally agree with you... Actually i think pokemon fanboys are the worst (not all ofc).
They just not open for any discussion and just bring their stupid nonarguments over and over again + accusing the developers to be lazy... Those guys have no clue how hard it is to make the most simple game

I totally agree with you, there are so many entitled gamers out there. They try to pop these out consistently so that fans won’t throw a tantrum and people don’t think about the resources, crazy hours, or even the fact that these are human beings who are passionate about this series trying to please Nintendo, Pokémon Co. And fanboys. People saying that emotion needs to be seperate are not really thinking about all facets of these companies, video games are in a weird place where they are huge companies but also part of the entertainment world with artists and designers. Your favorite music artist is also a company with tons of people that you don’t see creating the music, looks, choreography, but people on social media defend them when they delay albums, stop touring or whatever for mental health or whatever. This is no different. These are human beings people.

They try to pop these out consistently so that fans won’t throw a tantrum and people don’t think about the resources, crazy hours, or even the fact that these are human beings who are passionate about this series trying to please Nintendo, Pokémon Co. And fanboys.

Why not take a year or two off? Do we really need a new Pokemon game every year? I'm only a casual fan and while I did pre-order Pokemon Shield, it will be the first Pokemon game I've bought since Pokemon Y (which I didn't enjoy).
Nintendo was all about "quality over quantity" but maybe GameFreak needs to be reminded of that if they insist on farting a new one out just "so that fans won’t throw a tantrum".

Talk about boot licking.

I’m not mad that not every Pokémon is returning, I’m mad that the games are so poorly made that it’s disturbing how inefficient game Freak are with working on next gen games despite having the biggest franchise in the world.

The national dex is simple a great point for everyone to rally behind.

Calling someone a bootlicker just because they disagree with your stance on the series is probably one of the worst way to get your point across.

But hey, I shouldn't really expect anything less from the internet should I?

Fri Nov 08 19 03:51pm
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Neither is generalizing all gamers being toxic. ;^)

I'd agree with you but it's been proven that they really haven't done much to improve gameplay or animations like they said they were. I think people would forgive Game Freaks cuts if they really delivered on their promise. But it looks like this game is going to be no better than Sun and Moon but with bigger environments and better graphics.

I don't excuse people's horrible behavior responding to this, but c'mon. This game is incredibly lackluster and it's the first one to make major cuts. Ofcourse people are going to be upset.

I disagree that they haven't done much to improve gameplay. The wild area, overworld Pokemon, raids, multiplayer as well as tons of quality of life improvements do loads to improve the gameplay. I wouldn't want them to change the battle system, so all I see is great improvements to an already great system. I really don't understand how people can say "they haven't done much to improve the game" when it's been shown they've done tons.

Animation wise, they've made some great new animations for trainers and the new Pokemon, as they said. Animations encompass the entire game world, and these are a huge improvement over the ones in Sun and Moon. Move effects and animations look great as well, a huge step up. I have areas where I would like improvements, but I really don't think that detracts from the overall experience.

I think that GameFreaks intent on surprising players and not revealing many game features before release has been a hit or a miss with fans, I love it and I was disappointed they reveal so much for Sun and Moon, but some fans are frothing for more information and take the lack of information as "proof" that the games are bad.

I really disagree with you that the game is incredibly lackluster, I think it looks super fun and I'm more excited for this game than I have been from any game since Generation 5.

If this rumour is true, Game Freak isn't doing themselves any favours by reporting on their morale. Appealing to emotion isn't going to make their 1v1 turn-based trainer-stands-aside RPG better when competitors like Level 5 are just trucking on past with monster-training ACTION-rpgs like The Snack World and Yo-Kai Watch 4, and even Square Enix can just casually throw monster-training elements into Kingdom Hearts while working on 20 other products at a time.

They ought to just step back for a while, maybe for the senior members who've only ever known 1v1-turn-based to be the way for pokemon, have those people retire, and let other groups in Nintendo take full control of Pokemon game development because even Xenoblade 2 is a better monster training RPG, and it doesn't even have multiplayer.

Why do people act like Action RPGs are strictly better than turn based RPGs? Turn based RPGs is easily my favorite combat, and I feel like moving to a different battle system would be a mistake...

Doing something different is what the spinoff games are for. Pokemon Rumble is, essentially, that action RPG (albeit a very simple one), Mystery Dungeon is a dungeon crawler with rogue-like elements, Pokken is a fighter, Go is an IRL MMORPG, etc.

To ask for the mainline ones to shake up the core mechanic too drastically is to completely disregard, not only the design philosophy of those ganes, but the competitive scene that's been a decent pillar of the Pokemon franchise for quite a while now.

And if you think it's bad that they're cutting so many Pokemon for a Turn-based RPG, I can bet you money cuts will be even harsher if they move onto action RPG style.

Thu Nov 07 19 05:07pm
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Game Freak isn't reporting on anything, this is a third party reporting from a source that likely isn't management.

This isn't the company saying "look at how sad we are now buy our game", this is reporting that the employees themselves have low morale, not management of the company. And these employees weren't the ones who made the decisions causing the low morale.

None of those other RPGs has a robust competitive multiplayer aspect with a developed metagame though. Also, what's wrong with turn-based gameplay? Chess has been turn-based for centuries. Go has been turn-based for millennia.

Thu Nov 07 19 04:30pm
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Ideally they should stop making pokemon games for 2-3 years to work on a big fresh new title and evolve the franchise, but it makes no sense from a business perspective considering how much they sell every year.

It is a shame that this toxicity exists, especially when it mainly hits the people that do not make the decisions.

I have no hesitations to say that I'm fucking ashamed of the Pokemon fanbase and that's as someone who hated ORAS so much that I felt like my heart was stabbed due to how dumbed down it was. I hate those games but I ended up finding other games in 2014 to enjoy more and I ended up loving Moon version when that came out so I don't get why those who can't stand the series' direction just... don't buy it. They don't need to go as far as fucking dumping spoilers in the comment sections of random Pokemon tweets to "Avenge the cut mons".

Then again this is the same fanbase that has accused Masuda (not even the director of the game but common scapegoat due to woes about ORAS/LGPE) of rape via a twitter account, compared the National Dex protests to the Hong Kong protests for freedom, spammed Masuda's personal tweets about it even when he discussed Someone's Wedding, someone's fanart, and honoring the victims of the Nagasaki atomic bombing, and has recently spammed Ohmori (the actual director) with spoilers because they're mad.

Of course, the most desirable course of action is for some much-needed gap years, but I know for a fact that anytime we've had a gap year or a long period to a reveal as of late, people flip out. In 2015, people went apeshit over Pokemon Z not being released that year, and shat on Super Mystery Dungeon for being the holiday Pokemon game when that's easily one of the best 3DS games ever made. Then in 2017, people spammed and asked for Pokemon Stars/Eclipse on Switch... and got mad when the literal exact same concept was put on the 3DS (meaning they'd probably be fine with USUM doing nothing to fix the problems of SM if it were on switch, apparently)

Oh, and don't forget about people who took the E3 2017 Pokemon game confirmation and wanted it to desperately launch that very holiday, or the one after, and became infuriated when LGPE was put out as a way to give the SWS team more dev time. Yet now these fans say the games should have been delayed or that they should take gap years? Forget that, this fanbase has dug itself and even GF into the yearly release hole that they've tried to avoid with 3D games for a while now, but as the workload increased for every new system they jump to, making new Pokemon games with a 2D game's timeschedule won't work anymore if they want to include all the new features they try planning for each game.

This time, they had to cut the mons to focus on the actual region and the content within because they outright said including all the mons in older games took up resources from other stuff they wanted to add in the games: The most-content filled of the 3DS games even had the national pokedex missing despite all the non-Alolan mons being in there anyway, making it feel like an afterthought. (and indeed, they noted that SM was almost the one to axe them entirely)

I honestly wish that Game Freak could just make something like Pulseman 2 or Drill Dozer 2 for a gap year and actually have a fanbase who welcomes those games instead of blaming it for stealing from Pokemon like with Town Hero, or gets mad because they don't have a new yearly Pokemon game. I kinda think if they just rereleased/ported Gen 3 to Switch like with 1/2 on 3DS, that would also serve as a good gap year for fans, even if they'd still complain...

Then in 2017, people spammed and asked for Pokemon Stars/Eclipse on Switch... and got mad when the literal exact same concept was put on the 3DS (meaning they'd probably be fine with USUM doing nothing to fix the problems of SM if it were on switch, apparently)

This part could also describe some people's attitude toward Nintendo-made 3DS games post Switch, acting as if they didn't matter just because they were on 3DS.

There are times in which I don't get gamers at all.

Thu Nov 07 19 05:40pm
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Not surprising considering the toxic as heck fan base. I've realized this year that the Pokemon fan base is one of the worst in gaming.

Thu Nov 07 19 06:21pm
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If you are calling them toxic just for wanting gamefreak to do better, then that's a pretty lame reason for calling them that. This will be the first gen i will skip, and that's because they removed too much that was cool from last gens, not only the pokemon, and in return, what we get instead is just not interesting (giant pokemon, really?)

Not only that, but even on a technical level, the game is subpar, and wouldnt surprise me that somehow, even tho the game looks like a low budget last gen game, it will have framerate issues.

It makes me sad to skip a new pokemon game, but i wont reward developers when they give us less and asks us more for it. Call me entitled if you want, or even the rest of the fanbase that feel like i do (i dont include people that harass the devs, that's dumb) but we are sending a message to the studio, that we just want better from them, because we know they can do it, they are responsible for one of the biggest franchises in the world.

I know i wont be buying more pokemon games until they go back with their decision for a 3rd version, or for next gen.

aurora unit
Fri Nov 08 19 03:16am
(Updated 1 time)

Of course the argument with the "give us less and ask more for it" would be a tad more convincing if the game were actually out yet and the criticism based on actual experience rather than just guesswork. Sometimes even small changes can have interesting repercussions and effects that one does not expect - but self-appointed "fans" go into rage-mode because they claim to know it will be bad weeks and even months before the game is even released. Because true fans always assume to know better than anyone else ever could.

Thu Nov 07 19 06:28pm
Rating: 2

It's possible for a fanbase to be "toxic", but I don't buy it in this case. If the fans are guilty of anything, It's not being excited for the new games. But you know what? Fan's can't be expected to feign excitement when what they're shown doesn't make them very excited. People are allowed their opinions, and pretending it looks good would help nobody.

I'm one of the people who didn't mind the lack of a National Dex. I think you only need so many Pokemon in each game, and I want to comprise my team of new ones anyway. But I'm not excited about the game because it looks like it has done nothing new with the gameplay at a time when the series has grown incredibly stale.

If GameFreak really is at low morale, take it as bad news... because it means they don't believe the game they've made will change any minds for the better. If they had an incredible game in store, they'd at least have a light at the end of the tunnel.

If GameFreak really is at low morale, take it as bad news... because it means they don't believe the game they've made will change any minds for the better. If they had an incredible game in store, they'd at least have a light at the end of the tunnel.

Eh, I don't know I agree with this. It doesn't matter how good you feel about a product, if people are constantly yelling at you, slandering you and telling you that your best efforts aren't good enough, I think anyone would start to feel pretty crappy about themselves. Coming from someone who was bullied all through middle school, sometimes even knowing you did your best and are happy with yourself isn't enough to combat all the negativity coming your way.

But as a response for "they don't believe the game they've made will change any minds for the better". Masuda recently came out and said "we don’t have regrets about what we’ve done". So at the very least, they seem to be happy with the results of their efforts, even if the controversy has worn their spirits down.

I feel bad for them, and I don't justify toxic fans at all, but I hope this means that they take the valid criticism to heart and reconsider their stance regarding Dexit for future titles.

I know that programming 900+ Pokémon in the game isn't easy, don't get me wrong, but it's not impossible, and it's clearly an important part of the franchise for many people, otherwise this whole mess wouldn't have happened.

I love Pokémon games, I always have a lot of fun playing them, but I often get the feeling that they're not as good as they could be. I really hope GF learns from this, and they can start by improving communication with their core fans.

Thu Nov 07 19 10:35pm
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Honestly I don't understand how fans *don't* understand that all Pokemon every game is not sustainable.

Sure, programming, animating, balancing stats for, and implementing them all in game for 900+ pokemon is a daunting task but not impossible.
"Hire more people to work on it!" They say.

So what about 6 years from now when there's 1200?
Or 20 years from now when there's Close to 2000?

It's not sustainable, and GameFreak knows this.
Fans are so shortsighted they apparently don't grasp the concept.

Fans are basically asking GameFreak to go down the road of other big publishers, where each game successively balloons in budget until the entire company is riding on each single game they put out.

Then it just takes one game's flop and the company is done for, because they put all their resources into that one game, and now there's nothing left.

Fans are upset they can't have every single pokemon in this iteration, but GameFreak is playing a much longer game strategy.

light wolf
Fri Nov 08 19 03:19am
(Updated 1 time)

It's not like they have to do everything from scratch for each new game, though. They recycle a lot of content from previous games (which is fine!), and that makes the decision to cut so many Pokémon even more baffling. It might be true that having all Pokémon forever isn't realistic, but they should try to meet their fans' expectations. Why does this game have less than half the Pokémon than Sun & Moon had? Why did they cut so many Kanto Pokémon when they already had all of them running in HD for the Let's Go games? Maybe it was inevitable to happen at some point, but Dexit, for this game in particular, feels arbitrary, and that's why many people are so disappointed.

Balance could be a valid point to consider, but it's debatable if they even care about that, based on past games. Even then, they could just limit the main format of competitive battles to the Regional Dex, or something like that.

Of course budget isn't infinite, but IMO, having all Pokémon is extremely important for fans (GF themselves have said that, and it's always been one of the main selling points of the franchise), and it's something they should prioritize, for example, over stupid battle gimmicks that will be forgotten for the next game. I think the only way a Dex "reboot" of sorts could be really justified in the near future is if they completely revolutionized the core gameplay of the series, something that clearly hasn't happened this time.

Maybe if they didn't feel the need to have yearly releases and milk the franchise so much we wouldn't be having this discussion right now.

Yes, they can recycle content for now.
But again, what happens 6 years from now, when there's new hardware that needs higher quality animations/models?

Even if GameFreak has a database of future-proofed models, they still need to be adapted to run on whatever engine the hardware at the time uses.

So yes, it's not impossible at this very moment, but it's not sustainable in the long run.
And game freak definitely plays long-run. (It's not purely luck that Pokemon has stuck around in popularity while countless other franchises have come and gone in the same period.)

"They had Kanto pokemon in Let's Go!" Is again a demonstration of looking at things only in short-term.
Sure, they had them, and sure, it could have been possible to fit the all in Sword/Shield, but again would only push GameFreak down the unsustainable road a little further.

All Dexit is is Game Freak returning to an actually sustainable long-term strategy.

Battle gimmicks are implemented and forgotten precisely because this stategyis sustainable long-term.

Wow. If this rumor is true, then now is the better time for Gamefreak to consider being owned by Nintendo who are most likely going to offer them funds to just improve on anything.

Sure, it means that Pokemon will not longer have the possibility of going multiplat but what Pokemon game has ever gone multiplat besides ports which are still Nintendo exclusive? May as well be a first party developer. After all, Nintendo was the one responsible for making the series a reality by funding them in the first place.

As for the fans, I mean gamers are rarely ever forgiving and a lot of times, fans attack other fans because so so reasons. The fact that fans are not considerate to know that adding 1000 pokemon is simply unrealistic unless Nintendo does something about it which they can't because they don't wholly own the IP.

Thu Nov 07 19 09:08pm
Rating: 1

A reminder that there's a difference between toxic fans who are critical, and critical fans who just want to see the series do better.
Same goes for toxic fans who refuse to let their favourite companies get criticised vs the fans who simply like what they see and simply want to enjoy that experience.

No matter what side you're on can we please remember that video game developers are humans like me and you? Let a company know you're unhappy if that's how you truly feel but making their job hell? Hoping that people get fired or that the franchise gets sold to someone else instead of hoping they improve as a team? That's not cool. Chances are it's the suits at the top of the pokemon company who are fully responsible for the end state of the game. They make the decisions and decide how much money and time should be put into the game.
I'd guarantee that we'd get what feels like a Triple A RPG experience if TPC wasn't so insistent on yearly releases.

Your first paragraph nails it. Seems in recent times any criticism or dislike is called “toxic”. A retort that is thrown out because the person has no better counter argument.

Some People didn’t like the Mass Effect 3 ending....toxic.
Some People didn’t like The Last Jedi.....toxic.
Some People didn’t like Captain Marvel....toxic masculinity (double whammy)
Some People don’t like the exclusion of Pokemon from Sword and Shield....toxic.

I’m not defending asshats who threaten or harass creators, actors, whatever but it is ok to criticise something and voice your opinion and reasonings in a civil manner.

I think there is a lot of sensitivity on both sides. EG when an article discusses toxic fans, people who are critical act like they are automatically talking about them and lumping them into the actual toxic fans.

Captain Marvel was a PRIME example of this. There was a HUGE amount of unfair toxicity towards the film, a lot of people did not see the movie but jumped on Rotten Tomatoes to get revenge on Brie. I read multiple reviews that were "Brie Larson is a sexist racist B***h 0 stars" or pretended to write a genuine 0 star reviews but got plot points so incorrect that it was obvious they were lying. There were countless lies created by comic book bloggers and youtubers about Larson being hated by everyone at Marvel Studios and Disney except Kevin Feige, who was apparently the only person who wanted her in the role. They have called her everything under the sun, over criticize everything she does, and just generally berate and harass her every chance they get. All because she said she would like to see more diversity in the press, and that she cared more about what little girl's thought about 'A Wrinkle in Time' over old male critics that the movie wasn't intended for. Which a both valid discussion points.

But that doesn't mean that there wasn't legitimate criticisms of Captain Marvel, I personally enjoyed it as a middle ground Marvel movie on par with pretty much every other MCU origin story bar Iron Man and Guardians. It had good moments and great moments, but I thought the experimental style of telling an origin story didn't really work, and it actually ended up making me want to see more of Carol's life as a pilot before getting her powers. It also didn't help that the script asked for her to be unemotional, which didn't allow much room for Brie to flex her acting abilities. It didn't work in Episode 1 with the jedi, and it didn't work now. Which is a shame, because the second half of End Game she seems to have really nailed the character, she's got the stance right and she exudes power. Unlike the first half of Endgame where it was the first time she played the character without having even read the script for the solo movie, so she comes off as uncomfortable and awkward. But I guess that's the MCU, they shine brighter the longer they stay in the role.

I completely agree. Reactions and fandoms are becoming increasingly binary. It’s either 100% love something or 100% hate something being bubbled up as the loudest voice and the more level headed in-between mentality is being drowned out. People are more frequently shouting in their echo chambers and unwilling to entertain opposing viewpoints.

Seems to be an increasing trend across multiple aspects of society and not just games or movies unfortunately.

Thu Nov 07 19 10:27pm
Rating: 1

This sounds like an easy rumor to start that people will just take at face value.

I'm sure Little Town Hero's reception and the current internet reaction to Sword/Shield isn't encouraging, but this is the development studio behind one of the most popular IPs on the planet.

I doubt random comments on the internet has shaken GameFreak's confidence in whether Sword/Shield will sell or not.

It's pokemon, come on.

Fri Nov 08 19 03:16am
Rating: 1

I haven't played the game yet so I have no idea if it is good or bad.

However, what I have seen so far looks enticing enough to buy it. If you don't agree, fine. Don't feel like spending your hard earned money on it? Makes sense. Harassment and cruelty shouldn't be the path though.

That's disgusting.

It's just a guy saying stuff online.
I'm pretty sure Game Freak know what they are doing. I'm pretty sure their decision is not going to impact sales that much. If they were worried, they would have announced something by now.

Fri Nov 08 19 12:15pm
(Updated 2 times)

People keep blaming toxic fans. And I bet they are partially responsible. But do you know what would make your morale go down more than a bunch of angry nerds? The company that owns you making you less and less relevant. It's clear that the Pomemon Company is shifting towards the mobile market. Even the anime is now focusing on Go rather than Sword and Shield. And Masuda seemed to have low morale going back to ORAS. If you read his interviews, it's quite obvious he feels like mobile games are what people want to play. On top of that it's quite clear Game Freak is not really that good at making modern games. It took them this long to get to where they are and it's still far behindm

So look at it this way. You have a company that demands you constantly make these games on a yearly basis, you're games are insignificant to a mobile app, you have great difficulty keeping up with modern gaming standards, and fans are angry at you. Ofcourse you're going to have low morale.


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