The Outer Worlds hits Switch sometime in Q1 2020

Jan, Feb, or March

We don't have a release date for The Outer Worlds on Switch just yet, but we do have a launch window narrowed down. Take-Two has confirmed that the title will see release on Switch sometime in Q1 2020, which means either January, February, or March. I'm thinking March is most likely, but I'd love to be wrong!

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I wouldn't be surprised if it's eventually postponed for Q2. As long as they make it run well and don't make us download 10GB on the physical release, I can wait

Is there a physical release ? That's nice.

That's the hope, my friend Smile

Ah right, fingers crossed then.

And toes, never forget the toes Smile

Isn't Q1 2020 April, May or June?

Depends. Calendar Year Q1 is Jan-Mar.
Nintendo’s Fiscal Year Q1 is Apr-Jun.

I don’t know if this Q1 is Calendar, Nintendo’s, or Take Twos

Curious to see how this will turn out on Switch, even with settings on low it still looks a little demanding.

I'm playing it on Xbox, what an experience guys you will not be disappointed

Can't wait for this. It's actually the one game I'm waiting for with Animal Crossing after the holiday season. I don't think there is much else planned for now.


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