Tencent hopes to create games using Nintendo's characters

Well...that's interesting

Nintendo and Tencent have partnered up to bring the Switch to China, but Tencent has an even bigger goal in mind. If they get their way, they'd like to makes some games featuring Nintendo's characters. A Tencent official told the Wall Street Journal the following.

“What we want is to expand from China, and one target is console game players in the U.S. and Europe. We hope to create console games with Nintendo characters, and learn the essence of making console games from Nintendo engineers.”

Tencent would certainly have a ton to prove with a move like this, as they aren't really known for games they develop in-house, and instead focus more on publishing titles from other devs. I'm not too sure Nintendo will be keen to let Tencent have the keys to their character castle, but I guess time will tell.

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Who knows. Maybe Nintendo will let them use an old IP they don't care about, like F-Zero.

Nintendo get out while you can!

Don't let small things like copyright and IP law stop you.

psi wind
Sun Nov 10 19 01:36pm
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Nah, Nintendo isn't going to do that. Maybe they'll let Tencent use their characters LIKENESS like with Blizzard and Diablo 3 for Switch-exclusive content of their games, but making games with those characters? Not happening.

Exactly. We all know ow Nintendo protects their IPs. Sure, China is a somewhat different market, but that wont change Nintendo's pide. Nothing should.

Nintendo needs to pull out of this deal ASAP

Sun Nov 10 19 02:54pm
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Mario game where you brutally crush Hong Kong protests? Zelda game where you fight Uighurs and put them in concentration camps? Metroid game where you starve Ridley? The possibilities are endless.

Please fix, update, and support Arena of Valor on Switch!


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