Bandai Namco helped with Mario Kart Tour development

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... and messed up Metroid Prime 4. That's okay though. I still think their broship with Nintendo is super cute.

I would wager that they’re still actively involved with the current product

Mon Nov 11 19 11:10am
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I think I'd blame more the type of development that Nintendo wanted to try out than B-N. They also helped with Smash 4 and Ultimate. So they have much more good than bad on Santa's list

Yeah, I'm just playing around. I like the company, and I'm actually really happy that Prime is back with Retro Studios anyway. I can wait. Hopefully it pulls Retro out of whatever the hell rut they've been in.

All in good fun, mate. I hope we also find out what they have been working on since the initial release of Tropical Freeze.

Mon Nov 11 19 07:40am
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They have helped with a few Mario karts. Like both the 8s and that arcade one. So it’s not odd they are helping again.

Mon Nov 11 19 08:04am
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So the gacha mechanic is Bamco's idea?


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